Love Hurts by Dinah McLeod


By Katherine Deane

Karen Donahue is intimidating, but she has to be. The youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, her job is stress personified. She’s used to being in charge and if she doesn’t always like it, well, it’s part of the job. And if she’s a little bit of a brat, it’s just because she works so hard.

An excuse that is not good enough for Brandon Fuller.

After Karen’s car breaks down, he comes to the rescue only to be chewed out by the fiery, hot- tempered brat. He informs her that he won’t fix her car unless she accepts a spanking for her behavior and having broken her phone during her last tantrum, she has little choice but to accept. What she’s not prepared for is how much she’ll enjoy discovering the pain that often accompanies pleasure.

This is another DD story by Dinah Mcleod, with a slight twist. She veered from her normal sweet love making scenes to venture into the world of BDSM. I appreciated her efforts to try and spice up her scenes, and they were pretty spicy. (One word – buttplug! )

I am not a huge fan of First Person POV, but found in this case it helped me see the true emotions and desires of each main character.

Ms. Mcleod did a very good job of creating a b*tch of a female main character. In fact, she did such a good job, that I despised Karen for most of the book. Thankfully, there were scenes that showed how overwhelmed she was with her job. This gave me an opportunity to want to see her spanked. I can appreciate a flawed character who wants to better herself.

I really liked the male MC, Brandon. He was a tough, handsome, strong willed, yet empathetic male lead. I loved how he kept his emotions in check and led Karen, without belittling or condemning. He was a great Alpha male character. To add to his likability, he was a school teacher. I loved that!

I did have a hard time believing that he would engage in fire play with a brand new submissive, whom he had only known for 24 hours. But the rest of their sexual activity was well done, and I appreciated the humorous butt plug scene. That is probably my favorite lines from the story.

This is a story that crosses the line between DD and BDSM, and has the potential to be enjoyed by readers who like to see characters set boundaries in their relationships, along with readers who are new to the BDSM scene.

As far as minor characters, I really liked the assistant, Jack. I am very glad Ms. Mcleod showed us another side of him, letting us know that he really wasn’t as goofy as originally portrayed in Karen’s mind. I would like to see more from Jack. He seems like he would be a fun character to read about.

I liked the story’s realism, and loved the sweet HEA.

I give this story 4 stars.

Sub ratings:

**** The following ratings are done, showing the amount that each category has. This is not just a 5 star scale rating of how well I liked it.

E.g. If the story has a ton of spankings, uses a wide range of implements, and does this frequently- that would equal a 5 out of 5 paddles. (Fewer spankings would be a 1 or 2)

As far as sex goes: A 1 or 2 paddle, means I could give this to my grandmother without being embarrassed. A 3 paddle story, I could give to my mother, but possibly not my mother in law. A 5 paddle story? Mmmm I loved it, and will be talking about it online only, while using my pseudonym, so no one in my real life realizes how kinky I am.


Plot – 4 paddles. The plot was realistic and simple to follow, allowing me the time to really focus on the characters and the spankings scenes.

Characters – 3.5 paddles. It took me a long time to warm up to Karen. I usually like the characters I read to be bratty, but not so bitchy that I dislike them. And I was close to that line for Karen, until the end of the story. I would have liked to have had a bit more insight into Karen’s attitude and actions. I felt like there was more to her, than just the stress of the job, and I would have liked to have read that.

I really liked Brandon, though. He was strong, but not arrogant. And I will probably never dislike a hot guy who isn’t afraid to use a hairbrush and a buttplug.

Writing – 4 paddles. It flowed smoothly, and was easy to read and understand. The author handled the contemporary realism easily. My only dislike is the First person. But that is just personal preference.

Spanking level – 5 paddles. There were lots of great spankings. This was what made the story for me. The spankings.

Sex heat level – 4.5 paddles. The couple had a great physical connection between them. And the scenes were done well. But the BDSM was still a bit unrealistic for me.

Ending – 5 paddles! I love HEA’s, the cheesier the better! And this was sweet and cheesy.

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3 Responses to “Love Hurts by Dinah McLeod”

  1. Patty Devlin says:

    Thanks for having us. It was really neat to see what the other authors are bringing to the table. I mean I see it when I’m reading their books and love them for it, but it’s great to see what they intend-

    If you haven’t already, please check out the Blushing Book Blog this week, we have more interesting questions answered. :)

    Thanks again!

  2. Dinah McLeod says:

    Thanks for the review, Katherine!

  3. Terri H says:

    Great review!

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