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p>Review by Kami

Magical Night

Magical Night by Karen Sullivan is told completely from the mind of Ms. Kay Maclachan with very little dialogue and is a wickedly naughty tale about a woman who is madly in love with her boyfriend Jim but afraid to let herself really feel love. She wants to tell him how she feels but something always prevents her from saying the words out loud more than likely because of her past trust issues. Jim is incredibly dominating and after he finds out that his girlfriend who is usually shy pulls quite the stunt at a dinner party. He admonishes her firmly under his breath and with a look promises her of things to come. Kay is incredibly aroused and even a little scared about his threat that she can quite tell if he is serious in a bad way or a good way. They leave the party and the story takes a slight BDSM turn with their power play. Kay receives a long spanking strictly for sexual purpose and is amazed to find herself so incredibly turned on by their encounter. It is a very nice mixture of intimate scenes, romance, and spice but I have to award only three stars.

I will state that Karen is an incredible writer who creates a masterpiece out of words instead of colors, but I could not really connect with Jim as there was very little talking on his end. We know that he is absolutely dominant, casino francais bonus and I do love those alpha males but I could not really feel what his motives were. We can see what Kay thinks of him, but it was very hard to get through the story without interaction.

I want to encourage Karen as you can literally feel every little thing that Kay is doing, and see what she is seeing just like you were living it, but I personally can not get into a story that does not have any action other than sexual play or a firm plot. If you want to do some hot weekend reading or sneak some alone time in the bathtub, this would be great for you. A strong three star review.

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2 Responses to “Magical Night – Hot Weekend Reading”

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you, Renee Rose. This was my first ever publication. You are absolutely right regarding lack of dialogue on Jim’s part. I know what to do next time! Much appreciated!

  2. Renee Rose says:

    You’re welcome! (I didn’t write the review, though, it was by one of our reviewers– Kami).

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