Marshal’s Law by Maddie Taylor: a huge tapestry of delights


It’s hard to imagine a more entertaining reading experience for a spanko than a book by Maddie Taylor, and
Marshal’s Law may stand as one of her crowning achievements in that regard. One part Back to the Future (a debt Ms. Taylor acknowledges slily in the book), one part Silverado, and one part pure alpha-male spanking romance (Aaron, the hero, is literally described as looking exactly like Joe Manganiello), Marshal’s Law gives a Maddie Taylor fan a huge tapestry of delights.

The plot’s engine is the accidental time-travel of its heroine, Janelle, from 2013 to 1878. It’s an ideal set-up from a spanko perspective, because of course in 1878, in Wyoming, a man just had to spank his wife to keep her safe. Janelle, of course, has always been a closet spanko, so when she’s forced to marry Aaron to keep from being committed, she is inexperienced in the ways of domestic discipline, but can also see their value, especially coming from a man like Aaron. Ms. Taylor provides plot by the yard, and the story keeps coming, with a series of delightful time-travel plot twists at the end that provide a lovely, touching conclusion when the curtain is finally drawn.

Most important of all, especially after Janelle and Aaron are married, the spankings and sex keep coming, and Ms. Taylor as usual shows that she can keep new things coming for her heroines, as, with a firm but also a gentle, hand, their heroes guide them in the ways of pleasing a dominant man. My sole unanswered wish for the book was that the “relationship talk” be a little more 1878-accurate, though perhaps I am merely projecting my ideas about what I think 1878 was like. Ms. Taylor writes Janelle and Aaron’s conversations as modern DD discussion, which seems natural coming from Janelle, but when Aaron says, “Like you, I am new to marriage, and I have a lot to learn about being a husband,” it may just be me, but it doesn’t sound like the way an 1878 Wyoming alpha-male husband would talk.

Marshal’s Law will be a supremely fun reading experience for anyone who likes marshals in the Old West who have hands firm enough to guide 21st century spankos.[rating=5]

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2 Responses to “Marshal’s Law by Maddie Taylor: a huge tapestry of delights”

  1. Awesome review SRR. I am thrilled at the success of Marshal’s Law and how well it was recieved. As my first western it made me feel much more comfortable injecting Janelle’s modern personality into the story to ease the transition. A genuinely fun story to write!

  2. Laurel Lasky says:

    I read this awesome book and it has all the great family fare. Guns, sex, violence spanking and much more. Also cowboys.

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