Mira’s Miracle: a feel-good story with a taste of age-play, F/f spanking and a large dose of love


By Renee Rose

If truth be told, I’m not much of a football fan. I spent the Superbowl with my laptop propped on my knees devouring Anastasia Vitsky’s latest book Mira’s Miracle while my surrounding family members bemoaned the dismal performance of the Broncos. I certainly enjoyed myself more than they did.

Featuring Mira, the main character from Spanking Romance Review’s 2013 Recommended Read Desire in Any Language, Mira’s Miracle is a stand-alone book, though reading the first book in the series makes it all the more pleasurable. It is also tied to Maren Smith’s Castle Series, as Mira’s girlfriend Hana takes her on a vacation to the BDSM castle of Ms. Smith’s creation.  Mira experiences punishment in the castle nursery and school room as Hana immerses her into a world of age-play and loving domination. She must work through some of her demons in the process, ultimately finding redemption through the love and support from the both tender and sultry Hana.

Always a beautiful writer, it has been said Ms. Vitsky writes spanking themed literary fiction rather than spanking romance. I had a writing instructor once make the distinction that romance has a “happily ever after” while literary fiction tends more to be “life sucks but we learned something”.  In Mira’s Miracle, while Mira does learn something, there is an overriding love, tenderness and buoyancy to the story that makes it more of a “happily ever after”. I adored the sensual sweetness between the new lovers, the gentleness even during harsh discipline and the overall message that love conquers all. Gone is the moodiness of Desire in Any Language. Even though Mira must still deal with personal trauma from a past that haunts her, there is an optimism and lightness to this book that made it a delicious pleasure in which to immerse myself.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a feel-good story with a taste of age-play, F/f spanking and a large dose of love.



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