Mob Mistress by Renee Rose


Review by Rayanna Jamison

Mob Mistress is the second book in Renee’s Bossman Series, which centers around a mafia family. So, let’s start there. The fact that Renee can take something with negative connotations of scary ruthless men, and make them into such lovable heroes speaks volumes for her story telling skills. These books show a much softer and possibly more realistic side of a modern day mafia family, which is admittedly, something I know nothing about. I learned a few very interesting things while reading this book, which proves that any and all reading can be educational, even erotic romance.

Lexi Tyler is down on her luck in a big way. After being in an accident that left her with lots of medical bills, no car, and some PTSD to boot, she hasn’t been able to catch up on bills. She is evicted from her apartment, and dangerously close to losing her chair at the salon where she works as well. When her friend Gina suggests she knows a sugar daddy who might be willing and able to help Lexi out, Lexi’s first instinct is to laugh it off, and say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

But when she meets Bobby Manghini, the man in question, things begin to change. She can’t deny the way she responds to him, and she does need help. Bobby, for a member of ‘the family’ is actually a pretty moral guy, who uses his connections to get jobs, but doesn’t actually break any laws. He enjoys the power play of having a “goomah”, which apparently is mafia speak for mistress, but he knows how to treat a lady. Lexi goes along with it, even though she thinks he is married, and Bobby lets her think that. The troubles actually arise when she finds out he isn’t married. Bobby has had his reasons in the past for keeping his love life and his personal life separate, but he is forced to re-evaluate why he really does this, and what it does for his relationships, and his relationship with Lexi in particular.

I never like to go too much into a summary, and to give things away, so I am going to stop there, and move onto my impressions. This was a quick read that was smoking hot. The characters were believable and loveable, even though I had my reservations going in, it didn’t take me long to fall head over heels for the sweet talking mobster and the down on her luck stylist. As with any Renee Rose book, everything was damn near perfect. The sex scenes were just right, not too little and not too much. The spankings were out of this world swoon-worthy, and the epic one liners had me using the highlight function on my kindle for the first time ever.

“Don’t worry. If you tell me to back off at any point I will. I come on strong, and I play a little rough, but I know how to treat a lady.” –Bobby Manghini

That was one of my favorite lines from the book, and a nice summary of the character of Bobby Manghini. It’s a powerful line, in my opinion, and there are many others like it. Once she got going, the author nailed it in almost every sentence. Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself.

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