My Wicked Devil, (Club Wicked #3) by Ann Mayburn – I leaked all over my chair!


By La Crimson Femme

Get a towel for clean up in aisle four!  Good lord almighty.  I leaked all over my chair when reading the hot scenes from the middle to last half of this book.  Ms. Mayburn is turning up the BDSM heat and playing to all my favourite kinks.  For this, I am rating it a four star.

In the third of this series, the BDSM is focused on a sadist and a SAM (smart ass masochist).  Kira Harmony is a daredevil who dared one too many times.  Recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident, she's looking to take back her sexuality.  Not sure if it is purely a physical or mental hurdle for sexual intercourse, she turns to a friend who introduces her to BDSM.  Kira is searching for a sadist to turn her pain to pleasure.

Lord Bryan Sutherland is one of the more sadistic Doms at Wicked.  He's actually an English Lord too!  In the previous book, he came across as a complete jerk.  Not sure how my view of him could change. With him as a lead character, my expectations were low.  How could this asshat be a decent Dom?  Of course he could be a very good sadist and wielding his instruments of pleasurable torture, but he's such a dickweed!

Ms. Mayburn completely shows a different side to Bryan.  I'm blown away.  Who is this man?  Totally not what I was expecting.  The character development and insights for both Kira and Bryan are great.  Their past really helps build how they are in the present.  What I'm most impressed by is Ms. Mayburn taking a different route for some of the plot “twists”.  She could have easily thrown in some outrage or miscommunication conflict.  Instead, she elects to bypass easy plot devices and bring in fresh interaction between these two leads.  For this, I'm ecstatic.  I loathe the tired trope of an outraged woman making her lover's past an issue for their relationship.

The really good stuff is the BDSM.  Oh my lord the scenes in here are delicious.  Ms. Mayburn blends reality with fiction so very well.  While the actual BDSM acts are easily plausible, the location and the “window dressing” is pure hedonistic fantasy.  The single tail whipping has me curious and wanting to experience it.  Wax play which is one of my favourite fetishes is also included.  Even better, there are a couple of hawt F/f scenes.  If fireplay were thrown in, it would have been a complete sexy meltdown for me.  The way Ms. Mayburn sets up her scenes, it shows she knows her stuff.  She's either been experimenting more in real life or doing a lot more research.  The reader enjoys the benefits of her hard work.  This delightful BDSM novel is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy SM and want to see what it's like with a sadist.4star


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