Breanna Hayse

Who am I?
The best way to answer is it that I’m all of my female characters in one way or another. Somewhat of a brat, independent, mouthy, and not as submissive as I probably should be (which accounts for the reason I’m always in the hot seat here at home).
John and I have been actively involved in D&S since our first date when I got sassy with him. It was pure heaven to finally meet a man who wasn’t afraid to say ‘no’ and follow through on his threats. Poor guy. Or maybe, poor me. Either way, we met our perfect match and, to this day, 8 years later, we are still very much in love and very much in lust!

D&S lifestyle is a process of growth and, much like the age-play elements, requires trust, communication and direction from all involved. John describes his ‘job’ as my Dom is to be my husband, best friend, confidant, brother, father and teacher. John helped me find myself. That’s the foundation of D&S and the basis of all my writings.

Books coming soon:

The Reformer: The Reformers of 1906 England were men to be feared… their job was to take the incorrigible woman and turned them into ladies of substance.  This is a story of how three women found second chances, all starting with a good, old fashioned spanking and men who truly loved them.

Small Town Sass: A novella

Books already released By Breanna Hayse:

Siren: The Generals Daughter Book 1

Two By Day-Three By Night

Guardian Domination

Cowboys Know Best

Serendipity Ranch

Lost and Found

Time Out

The Maze

The game Plan

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