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Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes romance novels centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She has won Spanking Romance Reviews‘ Best Historical Romance, is often found on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.


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Books by Renee Rose


The Bossman

Sophie Palazzo steered clear of the mafia after her father’s involvement ended with his murder. Fifteen years later, Joey La Torre, the Don’s brother himself, shows up unannounced at her massage studio and wheedles his way into a date. She has no interest in aggressive, macho men like Joey, or so she tries to tell herself, but her body just doesn’t get the message. When Joey takes her in hand with a firm bare-bottomed spanking, she ought to be furious, instead, she’s aroused. As she explores her physical desires to be dominated, she tries to keep Joey at arm’s length emotionally.

Joey knows he wants Sophie for keeps from the moment he walks into her life. She is hot, classy and full of fire, even though submission turns her on. But his involvement in the mafia is a hard limit for her, bringing to conflict his own dedication to the Family, the code of silence and his relationship with his older brother. Can he reconcile his duty to the organization and his growing need for Sophie to remain in his life permanently?

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The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle
Top 100 Amazon – BDSM and Paranormal

In a world where fairy tales and real life collide, in which truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and romance and fetish are the norm, a winter storm forces a cast of characters to converge at a unique lodge, and three interwoven tales are set in motion.
Jillian and her brother narrowly escape a wolf attack, thanks to a shapeshifter, Bertram. As the owner of the lodge, Bertram opens Jillian’s eyes to a whole new world filled with spanking and so much more. Will she keep fighting her submission, or allow herself the chance for true love?
Coral is a fugitive—hiding from herself, her true desires, and the sea witch to whom she owes a great debt. She fears showing real emotion and letting herself be free, but Jake Hill’s dominating presence beckons her to yield to him—not just her body, but her heart, mind and soul. When the sea witch demands retribution, though, she may lose the one man she has come to trust.
When Faye blunders while casting a spell upon her landlord, he claims her as his slave until she can undo the magic, and she finds herself subject to his firm discipline. As her attraction to him grows, Faye fears she will give in to the handsome shifter and forever lose her maidenhood, and consequently her powers and the ability to fix her mistake.
Even as all three women struggle with surrendering to the dominant men they have fallen for, each finds herself on a journey to discover her true self. Can they find a way to yield to love without losing themselves in the process?
Publisher’s Note: The Winter Storm is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, age play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
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Held for Ransom

Amazon top 100 for Medieval
The Romance Review’s Top Pick
All Romance Ebook’s top seller
When Sir Gorran’s people disappear after a raid on a Saxon settlement, he kidnaps Princess Ariana, a priestess of Avalon, and demands their return. Though he knew he risked Ariana’s curse as well as a lifetime hiding from the king’s sword, he does not realize his greatest risk in holding the lovely princess for ransom is to his heart.

The intimacy shared with her kidnapper leaves Ariana wounded by the experience and his reappearance at the annual tournament only deepens her pain. When her brother foists him on her as a guardian and slave she must come to terms with her feelings for the dominant warrior. Will she send him away to his death, or will she realize her pain is only caused by living without him?
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“Unmet Desires” in Milestones DD anthology

Top 100 Amazon Anthologies
Watching his wife unravel as she faces infertility is as heartbreaking for Luis as it is for Claire, but the more he compassion he shows, the more she drifts away. Deciding to take a firm hand, he whisks her away to their mountain condo for a weekend boot camp to reaffirm their roles and reignite their passion for one another.
From making it a year cancer-free to adjusting to a spouse home from a tour of duty, seven domestic discipline couples grapple with life’s milestones. Also features stories by Alta Hensley, Cara Bristol, Sue Lyndon, Celeste Jones, Jade Cary and Anastasia Vitksy.
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Sentenced to die at age eleven for stealing a pig, Jean-Claude receives an unexpected reprieve when a young aristocrat girl takes the blame instead. When the mobs of the French Revolution fall upon her château years later, Jean-Claude knows he must save her and repay his debt, but as they begin their long flight to safety he makes it clear he is not her servant and he will deal firmly with any disobedience. Though he initially intends to send her off by ship, the beautiful, feisty Corinne inspires a fierce protectiveness in Jean-Claude that makes it hard to say goodbye.

Corinne is alternately infuriated and attracted to the handsome peasant who has no qualms about turning her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom when she steps out of line. When he ends up joining her on a ship to New Orleans, their futures become inextricably intertwined, but can a common-born blacksmith and the daughter of a lord find enough common ground to make a permanent match?

“From start to finish, the characters were engaging, fresh and completely real. It is packed with sexual tension, plenty of spankings and a fast-paced plot. Don’t start this one unless you’re planning on sitting for a while!” –Spanking Romance Reviews
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Jack could not sink lower than working as a rent-a-cop at the department store during Christmas, but with the injury to his leg during his tour to Iraq, his preferred careers are closed to him. The only bright spot of the job is watching Melinda, the vivacious brunette behind the cosmetics counter. When she takes off after a shoplifter, needlessly endangering herself, he threatens a spanking and to his surprise, finds she is amenable to his punishment.Enamored with the dominant but wounded warrior who comes to her rescue, Melinda lets Jack take her in hand, but finds herself repeatedly shut out emotionally. Not understanding it results from self-loathing over his injury rather than a lack of interest, she writes him off. But when real danger threatens, Jack steps in again.

Can he reveal his true feelings this time? And if so, will her submission to his discipline help him feel like a man again?

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The Reddington Scandal (Regency)

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When Phoebe’s brother-in-law catches the notorious rake Lord Fenton in his home late at night, half-dressed and obviously attempting escape, he flies into a rage, threatening to kill both his wife and Lord Fenton. In a desperate measure to avert bloodshed, Phoebe claims she is Lord Fenton’s lover, thereby forcing him to take her as his wife to avoid a scandal.

Knowing full well a philanderer like Teddy Fenton could never remain faithful, Phoebe insists upon separate bedrooms, resolving to resist his charm rather than fall in love and face the pain of his inevitable infidelity. Her handsome husband respects her request for a marriage in name only, but his marital dominance manifests itself in other ways. She soon learns that while he will not force her to his bed, Teddy is more than willing to take her over his knee and spank her bare bottom when her behavior warrants it.

Doubting his ability to stay faithful and not wishing to replicate his parents’ miserable existence, Teddy had never intended to take a wife, until he was forced to marry the lovely Phoebe Fletcher and everything changed. Suddenly other women hold no allure for him, and he wants nothing more than to prove himself worthy of his new bride’s affection. But just when it seems he might succeed, secrets from her past threaten to destroy their chance at happiness. Can this couple come to love one another as befits a man and wife, or will their marriage end in scandal after all?

Also includes a bonus short story “Disobedience at the Dressmaker’s” featuring Kitty and Harry ofThe Westerfield Affair.

“Renee Rose has written several historical romance / spanking novels and I have loved every single one.  I whole-heartedly recommend this title.” – Bottoms Up Book Reviews

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Safe in His Arms (Erotic Suspense)

Amazon top 5 for Romance  – Military, Top 100 for Romantic Suspense in US and UK
#1 Best Seller Blushing Books
Top Seller, All Romance Ebooks
Featured in USA Today’s Happily Ever After
$4.95 on Amazon

For as long as she could remember, Becca dreamed of a dominant man to take her in hand, and Zac, the handsome Marine she met at her sister’s wedding, filled the role with aplomb… for a weekend. Then the fling came to an end, Zac went off to war and died for his country, and Becca learned she carried a child who would be born without a father.

Seven years later, Becca has done her best to move on and forget about Zac… until the day she walks into her kitchen to find the man she believed she would never see again locked in mortal combat with her son’s nanny, and realizes everything she thought she knew about Zac was a lie.

Like all Black Ops agents, Zac doesn’t exist in any government record. His life is a series of deadly missions, and relationships of any kind are unsanctioned. But he keeps one secret. He watches over Becca, the beautiful daughter of a rogue agent, and Parker, the six-year-old boy he fathered that fateful weekend. When he spots a known assassin in their apartment posing as a nanny, he’s forced to reveal himself and take them to safety… whether Becca likes it or not.

Five Star Review from Spanking Romance Reviews

While Becca may have enjoyed his dominance once, bending her to his will again may not be quite so easy. He is determined to keep her safe, however, and if a long, hard spanking is required, he is more than willing to oblige. Having Becca over his knee rekindles more than his passion, though; even when the immediate danger has passed, he finds it much more difficult to “ghost out” on his family again. Must he resign himself to protecting those he loves from afar, or can he find a way to be the man Becca needs and longs for, the man who is worthy of her
submission and her love?

SAFE IN HIS ARMS has everything rolled up in one—it’s action-packed, suspenseful, and it has steaming hot romance and hot as hell spanking. It was a quick read but one that when I started reading I didn’t want to put it down.” --The Romance Reviews

Five Star Review from Guilty Indulgence Book Club
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The Westerfield Affair (Regency Spanking Romance)

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Amazon top 100 Regency and Historical
Featured in USA Today’s Happily Ever After

Reserved to the point of being aloof, Lord Westerfield never attended balls or even considered taking a wife… until he met Miss Kitty Stanley and his orderly world turned on end. Determined to have the beautiful and animated sister of his friend from the gambling hall, but doubting his ability to effectively court her, Westerfield strikes a bargain with her brother for her hand.
When the gentlemen present Kitty with the deal, she is furious with them both for neglecting to consult her, but her brother insists he will withdraw his support if she does not comply. Angry, she acts out at a ball, causing a scandal that mushrooms further when Lord Westerfield drags her unnchaperoned to his home for a firm spanking.
Five Star Review From Bottoms Up Book Reviews

Baring her for chastisement, Westerfield is swept away by desire, taking her innocence and completing the ruin of her reputation. He offers to release her from the betrothal contract, but her brother insists instead on a hasty marriage. As they attempt to recover from the scandal that becomes known as “the Westerfield Affair,” their marriage is clouded by his shame and her insecurities. Will they be trapped forever in a loveless marriage, or will they have the courage to move past their rough beginning to kindle the passion they both crave?

Spank and Run (included in Coming to Terms domestic discipline anthology)

Amazon Top 10 (Short Stories)

One moment Claire’s life was perfectly normal, in a living alone, vanilla sort of way. In the next, her casita was torn apart in a burglary, her client (the mayor of her small town) discovered her spanking implements, and she was over his knee for a bare-bottomed hairbrushing! But despite her overwhelming attraction to Luis Valdez, the tall, handsome politician who had taken an interest in her backside, Claire doesn’t roll that way. She wants a serious, domestic discipline relationship — not just erotic spanky fun. Can she and the mayor come to terms?

Coming to Terms anthology includes domestic discipline stories by: Alta Hensley, Cara Bristol, Renee Rose, Jade Cary, Sue Lyndon, Anastasia Vitsky, Celeste Jones
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The Devil of Whiskey Row

$3.95 on Amazon
Amazon Top 100 (Western romance)
Blushing Book Bestseller
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Forced by miserable circumstance to work in a gold rush brothel, Cora Underhill hates what her life has become. When a fire sweeps through her workplace, she welcomes death as an end to it all. But then Jake Diggory crashes through her window for an unwelcome rescue, offering her shelter and a paid position at his establishment. She accepts, in spite of Jake’s fearsome reputation as ‘The Devil Diggory’, and soon sees another side to Jake–the firm but caring side which led his girls to name him ‘Daddy Diggs’.
Life at Daddy Diggs’ is an entirely new experience for Cora. While Jake has strict rules which he backs up with over the knee discipline, he will not tolerate any mistreatment of his girls and can go from playing beautiful music on his piano to defending them with his bare fists. The strangest thing is that everyone at Daddy Diggs’ swears that Jake has never slept with any woman since his fiancée’s death back in Ireland fifteen years ago.
Cora attempts to emulate the other prostitutes at Daddy Diggs’ who enjoy making money, holding power over men and even the act of sex, but she still finds no pleasure in the company of men–until the day she inadvertently arouses the passion of The Devil Diggory. His fierce lovemaking thaws some frozen part of her, but it seems Jake is only attracted to her because she resembles his dead fiancée. Confused by his new feelings for Cora and guilt over his broken vow of celibacy, Jake pushes Cora away. Can he come to terms with his past and claim Cora for his own, or will his grief keep them apart forever?
Read the entire Review!
“The sex scenes Renee Rose writes for [Cora and Daddy Diggs] are so hot I’m surprised my Kindle didn’t burst into flames.  Like most of what I have read from Renee Rose, The Devil at Whiskey Row was an outstanding spanky read. Do yourself a favor and buy this book today!” –Bottoms Up Book Review
“If you’re going to read spanking romance, Renee Rose writes it H-O-T. The Devil of Whiskey Row delivers on every level – plot, romance, spankings and sex, with a subtle exploration into the minds of Cora and Jake that make this book stand out.”  — Natasha Knight, Author of Naia and the Professor and Taught to Kneel

“Excellent characters with a wonderful descriptive sense of time and place make this spanking romance stand out. The dialogue is seamless and flows perfectly. Deliciously decadent this is a spanking novel that is sure to please historical romance lovers!” –Spanking Romance Reviews

“Renee Rose can write sex! The Devil of Whiskey Row is one good read.” –Two Lips Reviews


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Under Siege (from the book Lords and Ladies:  Two Medieval Spanking Novellas)

For Lady Camilla, the only thing worse than managing Falconworth castle on her own would be her overlord discovering that she is a widow and marrying her off to his wretched nephew. Keeping her husband’s death a secret is a top priority, right up there with ensuring that troops from a rival castle don’t break down her curtain wall gate with their battering ram.Yet when a devilishly handsome knight by the name of Sir Balen rides to her rescue, she is reluctant to turn over the control she has become accustomed to wielding. The attraction between them is palpable, but his arrogant assumption of the position and duties of her late husband irritates her, especially because those duties seem to include spanking her bare bottom!Can she swallow her pride and propose the marriage which she knows would be best for all involved, or will her stubbornness cost her and the people of Falconworth dearly?

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The Knight’s Prisoner

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Amazon Top 100 (erotica)
Blushing Books Bestseller

Danewyn, a tavern prostitute, has always been cursed with the Sight–the ability to see into the unknown. It is a trait she has learned to keep hidden from others, but a moment of anger finds her blurting out a prediction about the Red Fox, the rightful king of Britain. Unfortunately, her prediction is overheard by one of the Red Fox’s men, putting her in grave danger.

Captured and carried off for questioning, she finds herself prisoner to Sir Ferrum, an enormous knight who bears the scars of an old injury upon his face. She finds Sir Ferrum to be firm and unyielding, but his treatment of her also reveals a gentleness which she has difficulty reconciling with his harsh discipline. To her dismay, her feelings for him continue to grow, and Dani must decide whether to continue her plans for escape or accept her new role as Sir Ferrum’s woman and Seer to the Red Fox.

“The Knight’s Prisoner is an extremely scorching novel of sweeping romance and bitter betrayal. It is a novel that will grab a reader from the start and never let go. … I truly enjoyed reading and I have no doubt at all it will be a novel that will be cherished for years.” — Night Owl Reviews

“A fantastic story, with adventure, romance, growth beyond imperfections, eroticism and lots of spankings. Danewyn and Sir Ferrum, a village prostitute, and a Knight. One with a scarred heart, another with a scarred face. Both with the strength to take on a King.” 5 star review, Spanking Romance Reviews
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Pleasing the Colonel

Amazon Top 100 (Regency)
Blushing Books Bestseller
Blushing Books top reviewed

Read Review at Bottoms Up Book Reviews

Trapped in a crevice after a carriage accident, Amanda Downy is not sure whether she’ll ever see the light of day again. With her tongue loosened by a fellow passenger’s flask of brandy, she reveals several well-guarded secrets about her life as a governess at Colonel Watson’s residence, including the fact that she falsified her references to gain her employment.

The next morning Amanda is horrified when she finds that the passenger who saved her life after the carriage crash is sitting at the breakfast table at Colonel Watson’s estate, and it appears that he is the long-absent Colonel himself! Amanda is certain that she will be immediately dismissed, but the Colonel has a different sort of discipline in mind for her…
“Renee Rose demonstrates creativity and exceptional character development during each interaction of these seemingly different characters. The series of events that brings these characters together is realistic and captivating. I most certainly loved this tale and will be adding it to the list of books I would definitely pick up again.” -Bottoms Up Book Review

“Renee has a knack for historical romance; she understands the nuances of behavior the time period allows. Pleasing the Colonel is a Regency romance that embodies the tensions regarding behavior and social status that permeated those times.”  – Spanking Romance Book Reviews

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Deathless Love

Kate has always had a crush on Dominic, the handsome owner of the club where her band plays. When she finds out one night that he is a vampire, her interest only grows, and when he sniffs out her ne ed for spanking and brings her deepest fantasies to reality, she falls head over heels. The trouble is, Dom is allergic to relationships, or so it seems.

Dom loves knowing how to turn Kate on and taking her in hand comes naturally to him. But he believes he likes Kate much more than is good for either of them. In his mind, he can never be the man she needs, and the best thing he can do for her is to stay far away. But when a powerful vampire targets Dom, Kate gets tangled in the dangerous web and Dom finds himself prepared to sacrifice his own life to save hers. Can he get her back alive? If so, will they find a way to be together?

“A touching, gripping, erotic love story that makes vampires real and spanking hot! 5 stars.” – Cara Bristol, author of False Pretenses

Amazon  Amazon UK  Barnes and Noble  Blushing Books  Paperback:Deathless Love

 The Elusive “O” (Short Story)

Amazon top 10 free (erotica)

Molly Winters had never been able to orgasm with a man before. Nor had she ever confessed to a partner her interest in spanking. When her co-worker Josh notices the odd look on her face after someone casually uses the word “spank,” he has an idea of just what might turn her on. On a business trip to Vancouver, the two find it easy to carve out a little time to sneak away and experiment in Josh’s hotel room. Has Molly finally found the partner who can make all her fantasies come true?

“In just a few pages, Renee Rose creates characters that are sexy, but also gives them emotional depth.”-Celeste Jones, Author of Underwear Probation  

FREE  Amazon Amazon UK  FREE On Barnes and Noble

Courting Celia (Novella)

Celia Dante is notorious for her headstrong ways and getting into mischief. This time, she’s out to seduce Tomi, her brother-in-law’s handsome steward and the man she cut her teeth flirting with as a young girl. But in addition to losing her virginity to the rakish Duke of Tuscany, her colorful past includes joining her twin sister and brother-in-law in their bed, a fact which Tomi has a hard time

When Tomi seems to reject her, Celia’s pride spurs her to set herself against him, in spite of the fact that he does not hesitate to pull her over his knee for a sound spanking. As her spirited actions escalate, Tomi must decide whether he’s willing to put aside his jealousy and fully take her in hand, or whether he will let her go and leave Parma forever.

Courting Celia is an intriguing book. It sucks you in right from the first page.”

Patty Devlin, Author of Choices

Publisher’s Note: This story contains graphic sexual scenes including threesomes, consensual and non-consensual spankings, and domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book!

$3.95 Purchase at Blushing Books  Amazon Amazon UK

 Loving Lucia (Novella)

Read Review at Bottoms Up Book Reviews

Marco Donarati, the Count of Parma, had no interest in taking a new wife. He got his pleasure from the working ladies, and that suited him just fine.

Marco’s greatest passion is reserved for his fledgling winery, and therefore he cannot bring himself to refuse whenItaly’s leading wine maker, Don Edoardo Dante, offers him a source of funds with which to improve his vineyards. In return, the Count reluctantly agrees to make Dante’s red-headed daughter Lucia the next Countess. When he makes the deal, Marco never suspects that he might actually grow to care about his lovely young wife.
Passionate and eager to please, Lucia must navigate her new role as Countess to a husband who holds her at arms’ length. When the Count becomes guardian to her twin sister as well, things really heat up. Tested by trials, betrayals, and jealousy, Lucia and Marco must find their way together and often the quickest route is with her bent over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. Will her wholehearted submission and love be enough to break down her husband’s resistance and win his heart for her?

“Renee Rose pushes boundaries with Loving Lucia that will initially shock and ultimately excite the reader.  Five Stars!” – Bottoms Up Book Reviews

M/F spanking, anal, menage a trois, infidelity/betrayal themes
$3.95 Purchase at Blushing Books  Amazon  Amazon UK  Barnes and Noble
Read an Excerpt here.

Betrothed (Novella)

Blushing Books Bestseller
Blushing Books top reviewed

Young Lady Julia is offered by the king as a war prize to the Duke of Pembridge after her father tries to forcibly take the Duke’s land. Worried that she will suffer as a result of his animosity, she runs away dressed as a page, only to unwittingly end up in the very same Duke’s army.

Bronson, the Duke of Pembridge, is not fooled by the little page’s disguise for a moment, and offers the lady his protection, not realizing that he is the man she is hiding from. As the attraction between the two grows, Julia is ultimately forced to face her fate and learn her place as the wife of a man she’s come to love.

“Julia and Bronson had great chemistry and I practically swooned at the lengths he goes to protect her from the king. Lovely, lovely story.”  – Sue Lyndon, Author of A Firm Husband

M/F spanking, mild anal


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