Tara Finnegan

IMG_0216My naughty little secret cover resizeThe accidental writer, that’s me!

A lot of writers will tell you that they dreamed of being a writer for years and were making up stories from they were knee high to a grasshopper. And a lot of them loved English class.

I dodged all forms of essay homework (not even bothering to look for an original or plausible excuse) and entertained myself and by poor desk mate during my English classes by very rudely paraphrasing and taking the mickey out of Francis Bacon…yep, looking back, that’s probably when I should have had my first good spanking. If not for wasting my own education, then surely for distracting my misfortunate neighbour.

Then I started an affair with my computer, so much so that I nearly had to be surgically removed from it. And what’s an affair without a good measure of hot sex and erotic spanking?  And that’s how it happened!

My Naughty Little Secret is my first book. The next one will show a common feature with the last: A feisty Irish girl with more spirit than sense and a tanned bottom to prove it. What can I say? I just love strong women and spanking…

When I’m not writing, I’m a wife and mother living in the West of Ireland.  My job description varies from taxi service, washerwoman, chief cook, gofer and general finder of lost items. The writing has to fit in around that.

Thanks for reading.

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