Realizing Her Dream by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane


Review by Rayanna Jamison

If you’re in the spanking romance community, you know Laurel. Resident reader, reviewer, friend and all-around cheerleader. When it was announced that she wrote a book with one of our own, beloved spanking romance author Maggie Ryan, I know I wasn’t the only one who jumped at the chance to support this dynamic duo.

Casey Reeves lived a domestic discipline relationship with her husband for many years. When she lost him to a sudden and unexpected heart attack, she realizes how very short life can be, and how very precious. Instead of wallowing in grief, she sets out to make the most of her remaining years, starting with making a bucket list, and checking things off one at a time. One of the things on her list is to parachute out of a plane, something she tries to back out of at the last possible second.

Paul Jackson the parachute instructor, also believes in spanking naughty women, something Caseydoesn’t realize when she’s cursing a mad storm trying to get out of jumping. He threatens to spank her and she hysterically agrees to let him do anything she wants if she makes it to the ground in one piece. Once on ground, the two quickly realize they are cut from the same cloth and embark on a journey unlike any other that involves plenty of adventure while working their way through Casey’s bucket list. It also involves plenty of hot kindle smoldering sex and well written and much deserved spankings as Casey learns to remember what it’s like to once again be in a taken in hand relationship.

My thoughts: I loved this book from the very beginning, it jumped right into the action and set the pace for a wild and smoking hot ride all the way through. Somewhere in the middle, it took a crazy twist I wasn’t really expecting, and to be perfectly honest, wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I kept reading, and I was very glad I did when I got to the end, and everything was explained in a way that had me shaking my head and laughing out loud.

I can’t wait to read more from both of these delightful authors.

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One Response to “Realizing Her Dream by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane”

  1. Laurel Jane ,(Lasky) and Maggie Ryan says:

    thank you so much, Renee Rose and Rayanna Jaimson for the wonderful review.. Maggie and I really appreciate it.

    Big hugs to you both

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