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******I’m trying some new formatting in my reviews, in an attempt to be more subjective and specific.  Instead of just one rating (of 1-5 stars), I will be rating specific items, like:

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Level of heat for Sex, spankings, plot, characters….

Please let me know what you think. I would love some constructive feedback to make the review system even better!

-Katherine Deane********

I have always loved Kate, from The Taming of the Shrew and Kiss Me Kate.  She is an awesome character – vibrant, strong, willful, with some bad behavior added in.  Mmmm, if anyone has ever needed a spanking from a strong, hard handed man, it’s Kate.

When I read Acting Lessons, by Kathryn R. Blake, I came into it with the knowledge that this was a modern day version of Kiss Me Kate.  I went in expecting a harsh young woman, who challenged all authority, earning her plenty of spankings.

What I discovered was a deeper, more emotional, wonderfully done story.

Kate and Peter are an estranged couple, within days of making their divorce official.  Kate is a popular, vivacious actress who has made her mark, and is enjoying the life of stardom.

Peter is a critically acclaimed Director, who is also riding high on his successes.

Despite their successes neither of them has been truly happy since the separation.  Kate has lost weight, and isn’t sleeping well, and is getting sick.  Peter decides to take matters into his own hands, and attempts to get Kate back into his life, luring her in with an offer she can’t refuse.

A chance to star in the College Summer production of “Kiss Me Kate”.

Kate loves the idea of playing in this new role, knowing it will help the college especially the budding young actors in the theater camp. She is riding high on the idea of this new project until she realizes who will play opposite her…Peter!

This infuriates Kate and she can't stop herself from giving him a piece of her mind.

Peter reverts to his old way of handling things and takes her over his knee and gives her a sound spanking right in front of Kate’s agent.

I wasn’t so sure if I liked this semi-public chastisement, feeling that it embarrassed her, and disrespected her in front of her agent.  But I’ll be honest, and say my arousal outweighed my confliction, so I went with it. It was actually kind of fun to read.

Kate accepts the offer, and agrees to work with Peter, respectfully.

Their relationship shows some very good promise of reconciliation, when Kate and Peter make love, in a very sweet scene, that shows that the old fire is still there between them.  Much to Kate’s surprise she finds out that the Judge, being a sentimental man, wrote a clause in their paperwork, that should they come together before the end of the 6 month legal separation, it would be negated.

I liked that fun little twist. Unfortunately, it made the reconciliation attempts harder, because Kate believed she had been manipulated by Peter.

The rest of the story follows their journey, as they try to rekindle their old romance while continuing to have miscommunications and bad timing.

I was very grateful that the author showed Peter’s POV toward the end.  It enabled me to see that he wasn’t just a hard man, trying to push Kate under his thumb.  He actually did care, and worried about her health, and wanted her to be happy and healthy again.

The author also added in a great cast of secondary characters. My favorite is Thomas, Kate’s boyfriend during the separation.  I absolutely fell in love with Thomas, and his supportive measures with Kate.  He called the cops on Peter, when he thought Peter was abusing Kate.  He stepped aside, and offered friendship and counsel when Kate reconciled with Peter.  And Thomas did research on spanking, and offered to become a spanker, once Kate explained her needs.  I adored Thomas, and would love to see him in his own story someday.

This was a fun story that had plenty to offer:

  • The fantasy and realism of a spanking relationship.
  • Communication misfires and the ensuing emotions
  • Sweet, lightly done sex scenes.
  • Nice hard spankings – a few were even public or semi public!
  • And a wonderful HEA!

Sub ratings:

**** I have broken up the rating into sub categories:

Plot, Characters, Writing, Spankings, Heat level and Ending.

In this story, the few sex scenes are light, so giving it a lower paddle does NOT mean it is not well liked. It means the sex was sweeter, than something like a 5 paddle BDSM book with anal play.  More to the point, a 1 or 2 paddle, means I could give this to my grandmother without being embarrassed.  A 3 paddle story, I could give to my mother, but possibly not my mother in law.  A 5 paddle story? Mmmm I loved it, and will be talking about it online only, while using my pseudonym, so no one in my real life realizes how kinky I am. :)


Plot – 4 paddles.  new_four_paddle_review

The plot was fun and simple to follow, allowing me the time to really focus on the characters (and the spankings )

Characters – 4.5 paddles.  four_half_paddle_review

I was so thankful that Peter’s POV was done. Otherwise, I might have disliked him as an arrogant jerk.  Instead, I was able to see both their emotions and the turmoil still keeping them apart. Very well done.

Writing – 4.5 paddles. four_half_paddle_review

I really liked her writing style. It flowed smoothly, and was easy to read and understand. The author handles the contemporary and the theatrical colloquialisms wonderfully!

Spanking level – 3.5 paddles.  three_half_paddle_review

The level of spankings were right in the middle. Hard, but not too hard.  Hand and hairbrush seemed to be the most used implements.  These were well done, but not as harsh as some other DD books. I did give it an extra ½ point for the public spanking.

Sex heat level – 3 paddles.  three_paddle_review

*** Please remember, this is not my opinion of how well done the sex was written.  It is the heat level.  The level was right in the middle for me. There was enough to show me that the couple really did have a physical spark. And the scenes were done quite well.

Ending –  4.5 paddles! four_half_paddle_review

I love HEA’s, the cheesier the better! The culminating event in the book was fun and a little cheesy, and I adored it!  It also had a really good event that made it a truly HAPPY ending. But I won’t give that away.

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