Round Table Discussion- Community, Spanking, and More!



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We are excited to bring together the spanking community as we discuss and celebrate our unique perspectives and journeys. Although we have a shared love of spanking we are each unique.

Our goal is to bring together the community and celebrate our differences and similarities alike. There is no one way in life, and the same is true with our desires. Our wish is for each one of us to discover our own true love and niche of self – expression.

We’re starting a Round Table Discussion Panel. A place where we can discuss some of the spanking topics we’re always talking about. The regular contributors include Adaline Raine, Casey McKay, Corinne Alexander, Katherine Deane, Natasha Knight, & Renee Rose. Each one of these remarkable women are excited to come together with a spirit of inclusion to delve into a topic they are passionate about.

We would like to welcome the community to sign up and join us as we discuss topics that you are equally passionate about. We will be coming together twice a month to explore a new topic. Topics will be posted in advance. 

Upcoming topic, September 20th-  Submission – in or out of the bedroom, or both?

Please email spankingcircle@gmail.com to sign up! 

Sign up is on a first come first serve basis. The only requirement to participate is that you have a blog and that spanking is a part of your life in some way. Participation is limited to 8-10 participants each circle. This will be an ongoing feature so there will be a chance for all who are interested to be involved.

So join us as we celebrate our love for spanking and our love for life. 


This week’s discussion is led by Corinne Alexander, who brings the following questions to the table:

  1. When did you first know you were interested in spanking, and the surrounding ideas that come with it?
  2. When did you finally cross over from fantasies to bringing it into real life? (Or has that yet to happen?)

Click the links for our author's responses. And feel free to leave your own reply in the comments! 

Casey McKay

Corinne Alexander

Katherine Deane

Natasha Knight

Renee Rose 

Adaline Raine


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5 Responses to “Round Table Discussion- Community, Spanking, and More!”

  1. I am ecstatic to participate in such a wonderful community building discussion! I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!

  2. Me too!!
    Thanks for letting me take part in this first one!
    Heading over to read and comment!

  3. Addy Raine says:

    The intro post was fabulous! Getting my post up now. <3

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