Round Table Discussion: Submission


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atasha! Welcome to our second Round Table Discussion. Today we're talking about submission. This topic didn't feel so black and white to me as I believe it means something different to each one of us so the question itself was open. Basically, define what submission means to you and write what feels right, what you'd like to share, what you're able to share.

We have quite a few participants this week. We even have a couple of men talking about this. I won't go on in this post, there's enough to read on the individual blogs so below are links to each. Take a moment and have a look. Comment if you like, we'd love to hear what you have to say. I know it's sometimes difficult to – I was a lurker for a long long time myself.

Corinne Alexander

Joelle Casteel

Viola DiMarzo

Trent Evans

Fiona of Sir Q and Me

Tara Finnegan

how to get your ex back

Penelope Hasler

Natasha Knight

Casey McKay

Joseph McNamara

Adaline Raine

Renee Rose

Maddie Taylor

Our next Round Table Discussion will be led by Renee Rose. You know her, short black skirt, red sash, over the knee stockings, writes super hot spanking romance…

 She'll be chatting about Role Play. If you're interested in joining in on that discussion, please send an e-mail to spankingcircle@gmail .com


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4 Responses to “Round Table Discussion: Submission”

  1. Great topic, Natasha! It sure was fun to talk about! I’m off to read everyone’s posts!

  2. Casey McKay says:

    LOL, I read these in order and I realized today that anyone else doing that would have read Natasha’s poignant, touching, heartfelt poem and then jumped to my mental vomit on the page! Who planned this order?

    Overall, great posts everyone! They all got me thinking, again, and I doubt I will be done mulling this all over anytime soon.

  3. Penelope says:

    Thanks for inviting me to take part, Natasha. I really enjoyed it :)

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