Round Table Discussion – Who Brought Spanking Into the Relationship?



Topic for Oct 18, 2013

Who brought Spanking into the Relationship?

Spanking means different things to many different people, and  is used for a variety of reasons.

– It can be used frivolously in a flirting tone.

– It can be used as foreplay, or along with sexual activities to heighten arousal.

– It can be used for discipline.

– It can be used for emotional and /or physical release.

These are just some of the reasons spanking can be used in a relationship.

It’s interesting to compare notes on the “How’s” and “Why’s” in spanking relationships.  But today, we would like to add in another dynamic:


Did your 'Significant Other' bring it up as something sexy?

Did you bring it up as a need for discipline or release?

Here are some very interesting, well ranged replies from women and men who have incorporated spanking into their relationships.

Come join in the fun!

You can reply here or on the blogs.

And please feel free to share your own experiences!

The next spanking topic is:

Nov 8, Feminism and Spanking,  Hosted by Casey McKay.

Thanks for joining us!

Happy spanks!

Here is the list of bloggers that have signed up for this week's event.  Enjoy! And please reply with your thoughts and experiences!

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2 Responses to “Round Table Discussion – Who Brought Spanking Into the Relationship?”

  1. markiee says:

    My wife. On our wedding night, coming out of the shower my wife greeted me and led me to our hotel bed, sat down , and in one quick pull of my arm she off balanced me and over her knee I went as she gave me my first adult spanking.

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