Safe in His Arms by Renee Rose – An exciting ride, inside the bedroom and out


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Becca, the heroine of Renee Rose’s newest release, Safe In His Arms, suffers from asthma. Although I do not have that condition, this book certainly left me gasping for air on several occasions.

Seven years ago Becca and Zac shared a sexy spanky weekend after hooking up at a wedding. A few months later, a pregnant Becca learned that Zac had been killed in action.

Becca moves on with her life, and aside from a few unusual occurrences like winning a car and being able to rent a three bedroom apartment for the price of a studio, all seems normal.

Normal disappears the day she comes home and finds Zac, the man she thought was dead, fighting to the death with her son’s nanny. Maybe Zac had issues with her allowing his son to have too much sugar cereal. Or maybe the nanny was really an assassin out to get Becca.

Becca, a protective mama bear, now has to learn to deal with the sudden appearance of a man she thought was dead. For all intents and purposes, he has no existence and she cannot predict or know when, or if, he will ever return. She wants to protect her son from whatever danger has brought Zac back into their lives and she also needs to protect her heart from the agony of loving a man who disappears for weeks at a time with no guarantee that he will still be alive, or return, in the future.

This is Renee’s first contemporary spanking story and I sure hope she writes more. I’d even like to see a sequel to this book. As always, it was sexy and the spankings were well described and emotional. Becca is a lovely combination of independent and defiant, yet naturally craving submission.

Safe In His Arms is an erotic and exciting story with engaging characters and realistic internal and external conflict. While Becca was shocked and happy to see Zac, she was also pissed. Where had he been for the last seven years and where did he get off just showing up in her life and playing daddy to her son? I thought this was an interesting conflict to address, particularly in the context of an absentee father who seemed to have a good explanation for his absence and who had done what he could to care for his little family, even if they didn’t know it. But does that justify endangering them? Popping in and out of their lives in the dark of night?

I thought this conflict was handled realistically and I liked that. If Becca had said “Oh, goody. Daddy’s home.” And then acted like they were a happy little family, I would not have thought much of her, but instead, I could understand her yearning for Zac combined with her hesitance to get any more involved.

One memorable scene involved long distance dominance. From some mystery location Zac instructs Becca to give herself a virtual punishment while he watches via video cam. I won’t share the details here because I want you to be surprised, but let’s just say you won’t look at your medicine cabinet the same way again.

For an exciting ride, inside the bedroom and out, I wholeheartedly recommend Safe In His Arms.

Rating: Five Stars, Three Wet Panties



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