Secret Fantasies Fulfilled… And THEN Some! by JG Leathers


By La Crimson Femme

Intense BDSM modifications are never as depraved as from the mind of Mr. Leathers.  The latest story from the talented taboo writer is deliciously deviant. Alexander’s desire for bondage and discipline takes a dark turn when his wife decides to get involved.  Jessica decides she enjoys the total control of her husband.  Her ideas are all take from his fantasies.  Alexander’s dark secret are now becoming reality as Jessica follows through with severe body modification.

This story is not for the new to BDSM reader.  This is a BDSM fantasy filled with non-con, rape, slavery and extreme discipline.  For those who enjoy cbt and bondage, this is a story for you.  Mr. Leathers doesn’t pull any punches.  Each time the reader expects it to lighten up, it becomes more restrictive and intense.  The total loss of control Alexander experiences is heightened as Jessica adds more and more body modifications.

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Many of the piercings are similar to Laura’s evolution.  Some of them are terribly frightening yet the reader isn’t able to look away.  The dildo machine which Alexander is strapped to as well as the enema equipment is titillating.  Many of the tortures should not be sexually arousing yet they are.  Mr. Leathers’ writing style is rather factual and clinical at times.  There is very little sexual interaction, it’s more emotional subjugation which can be even more guiltily arousing at times.  This kinky taboo story is recommended to those who enjoy extreme tales of sexual torment.



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