Sir, Yes Sir by Dinah McLeod- a Poignant Spanking Romance


By Renee Rose

Sir, Yes Sir (Old Fashioned Husbands) by Dinah McLeod tells the story of Dean, an army colonel forced to take early retirement to avoid an investigation into a mistake he made, which resulted in his own serious injury. Ashamed of his own failure, he does not tell his wife Shelby the entire story, allowing her to believe he chose retirement because his injury prevented him from serving in active duty.

The story begins after their move off-base, with Dean unemployed and mopey and Shelby taking her first job to support the family at Dairy Queen. The strain between the couple is painfully clear–Dean still expects Shelby to still cook and clean, despite the fact that she is now the bread-winner. His foul mood and high expectations are also taking a toll on his relationship with their teenage son.

The couple have always lived a domestic discipline style marriage, and things come to a head when Shelby accepts a promotion at work without consulting Dean. He spanks her for it, and while he has not been such a likeable character up to that point, it is the moment that brings him out of his own selfish funk.

This is a poignant story that deals with difficult issues in marriage and family life. Dinah tells it well–I teared up a few times over the tender moments. Some spanking romances are all about the spanking and some are more stories with a few spankings sprinkled in. This story falls into the latter category, but I did not feel let down and I applaud the author for not forcing extra spankings in where they do not belong.

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One Response to “Sir, Yes Sir by Dinah McLeod- a Poignant Spanking Romance”

  1. Dinah Mcleod says:

    Thanks for the review, Renee! Glad you enjoyed it!

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