Smoking Hot Review: Playing with Fire by Ruth Staunton





  This is the first title from Ruth and I can’t wait for the next!

We are introduced to Stacy who likes to flirt and toy with men. She meets her match when Cade, a police officer, tries to throw her out of the bar. She comes on to him but he barely bats an eye. She decides she wants to go after him and after a bet they promise to date for a month exclusively. This is a big deal to Stacy who hints that she usually floats guy to guy and does not commit to anyone.

Cade explains to her he will be all for dating her exclusively BUT he believes in good old fashioned discipline. Enter some deliciously hot spanking scenes. Stacy seems to push his buttons in the beginning and Cade absolutely follows through! Wow!
As they are dating Cade begins to have trouble with his godson. The boy has no father and his mother is too overwhelmed with everything to properly discipline him. She lets him get away with things on top of being unruly. Cade spends a lot of time paying attention to the boy and it wears on Stacy. Through unfortunate rumors and gossip Stacy believes Cade is cheating and no longer wants anything to do with him. She is hurt and lashes out but winds up saving the day at the end and they resolve it.

The story has a perfect balance of spankings and romance as Cade explains early on about his take on punishments and following the rules. He does not hesitate to take Stacy  over his knee whenever she needs it. I quickly connected to these two and hope we will get another story with them.

(Please? Cade is so sexy and alpha, I loved him!)

I highly recommend this to readers who like DD relationships or just sexy men who spank.

Sexy and romantic at the same time.

Go grab your own!

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Addy Raine

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