So just what is it about spanking? By Tara Finnegan


I can still remember the other half’s shock almost twenty years ago as I shyly said, “I’d really like you to smack my arse.”

I had been reading Fanny Hill and there was a really hot birching scene in it. I already knew spanking turned me on but for some reason that scene for some reason set me on fire. Or maybe I was just at the right age and maturity and sexual confidence to try it.

Bless his cotton socks he nearly fell out of his standing. He was standing by the bed beside me, I was tucked up under the covers, he was leaving for work, (he always started earlier than me) he leaned down to kiss me goodbye and he patted my behind gently (fortunately he was always an ass man). His face went pink, then purple and he managed to splutter out “What? Are you off your fecking head?” Twenty years later he’s a bigger spanko than I am! Only as a giver though.

We’re pleasure spankos though, we don’t do Domestic Discipline. We tried it on and off over the years but until he becomes infallible, I don’t think I could ever be properly receptive to it. And he prefers it that way too; I guess we just don’t have that Head of Household dynamics in our relationship. In spite of this I do think bossy spankings are sexier, so we have like a code, there are a couple of niggly things I do to annoy him that I have agreed to be punished for. Usually I do them on purpose because I want a real good session, but sometimes I forget and do them by accident…now they are totally the best, sexiest spankings ever, because I’m not expecting them and he notices what I’ve done, one look is enough, I melt. The butterflies flutter. I like it even better when I have to wait a while until the kids are out of the way because the anticipation really adds to the nervous excitement. I feel moisture between my legs.

And those words, go on upstairs and prepare…thump, thump, thump goes my heart, but it’s not fear, it’s adrenalin.

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Oh and the waiting, bottom bare for him to come and administer the punishment. My senses become heightened. I wait. I hear my heart beat and my raspish breathing. Then his footstep on the tiles, then he runs upstairs and the cacophony of heart, pulse and breathing noises reaches a crescendo. I’m soaking wet by now. I’m wondering what he’ll use. I’m hoping it will be a hand spanking across his knee; that’s by far my favourite, it’s so intimate. And then he’s there by my side. Agh! I’m ready to explode.

He usually starts of lightly enough, oh it hurts but my pain threshold hasn’t peaked yet so it’s nicer to get a warm up. And the more he slaps the more my endorphins are released and then I want it harder, faster until I beg him to stop. He’ll keep going another short while. And then he’ll pause, and rub me soothingly. This is to see if I’ve really had enough, or just needed a break. And the closeness of that time is like nothing on earth, me and him. He’s tender and caring. He’s as turned on as I am.

“More?” He’ll ask and I’ll feel my whole nether regions tighten. Nine times out of ten, I do want more. If I hesitate at all in my answer, he’ll take that as a yes.

The pause has allowed the endorphins to flood my body, I’m soaking and swollen, my ass is on fire with the most delicious tingly sensation. Of course I want more. I’m high.

That’s what it is about spanking.

Tara Finnegan is the Author of My Naughty Little Secret, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Blushing Books and allromanceebooks.

Check out her author page on Spanking Romance Reviews!

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16 Responses to “So just what is it about spanking? By Tara Finnegan”

  1. Maren Smith says:

    Oh, beautifully said, Tara!

  2. Nice take and your emotions are well-described. The anticipation is such a great part of getting spanked.

  3. Wow! Give a warning with that will you? I love how you wrote that – very sensual and it made the butterflies go in my belly too.

    • Tara Finnegan says:

      Oops, ratings needed on a guest post, I might not get invited back again! :-(
      Thank you Natasha

  4. Great description. I love the idea of intentional naughtiness in order to get a spanking. It’s so much more fun to say “Ooops. I burned your toast again” than “do me”. Though “do me” does have its place.

  5. Casey McKay says:

    Holy Crap that was hot! I love it! I agree, I needed a warning, I think you’ll get invited back though, that’s what this is all about :)

  6. well said, Tara!
    I loved your descriptions of your sessions! I get the same feeling before some of the more intense sessions when he is really taking charge, and being Alpha. Mmmmm
    Very well done!


  7. Wonderful post, Tara. I love the anticipation as you wait, knowing what will follow. And I agree. Hand spankings OTK are much more intimate to my mind, too. Love the imagery, and I’m glad you two have found what works best for you. That’s what it’s all about IMHO.

  8. Tara Finnegan says:

    Thank you Kathryn, you’re absolutely right finding out what works best as a couple is the key to really enjoying it.

  9. What a fabulous post Tara! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Tara Finnegan says:

      It was totally my pleasure to share as I relived each sensation as I wrote Constance. Thank you.

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