Spanking Ms. Whitman by Kate Richards: 5 Stars/ 2 Moist Panties


Review by the Unknown Comic

Does Spanking Ms. Whitman delve into any deep political or social issues? No. Does it probe the nuances of a long term domestic discipline relationship? No.

And, frankly, that’s why I love this book.

What I particularly liked about this book was the way that Kate Richards had the reader focused on spanking on every page. I read it with a squirmy-what’s-going-to-happen-next warmth in my belly.Sure, I want to explore important social issues. Some of the time. Mostly I read for fun and escape and that’s what this book provides.

The story itself only includes two or three actual spankings, but throughout the story Mona Whitman or her boss, Randolph

Marks, is fantasizing, imagining or remembering what they did or would like to do with the other. This keeps spanking front and center, so to speak, throughout the story.

As the book opens, Ms. Whitman is pleasuring herself with her battery operated boyfriend plus fantasies of her hunky boss spanking her naughty behind. The early morning session causes her to be late for work…again. Mr. Marks, the owner of the company (and subject of her early morning fantasy), calls her into his office to discuss her habitual tardiness. I don’t want to give away any of the spoilers, but I think it’s safe to mention that there’s some spanking.

What makes this book especially pleasurable is the anticipation. There’s no slip-slap-slop across the lap and off you go. Oh no. Ms. Whitman (and the reader) is left to anticipate, fantasize and squirm wondering what might happen next and when it does happen, no one is disappointed.

I give this one 5 stars and two pairs of moist panties.



3 Responses to “Spanking Ms. Whitman by Kate Richards: 5 Stars/ 2 Moist Panties”

  1. I am so touched! Thank you for reading and reviewing the story and thank you even more for your kind comments. I enjoyed writing it and had the best betas ever.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    A well-deserved 5 stars. I loved this book. Well-written with a FUN story line.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Loved this story. And a great review too! Escape is a good thing.

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