Subjugated by Emily Tilton: Scorching Hot Non-Con


Review by Renee Rose

Subjugated is a sci-fi book from the wicked imagination of Emily Tilton and boy does it hit the mark, on every level. The premise is naughty in every way. Set in the future, in a western American town called Springfield (yes, she named it in a nod to the Simpson’s fair city, which made me giggle), the mayor’s daughter has been set to be “subjugated” by an army officer.

This heathenistic practice involves wearing a red thong, being punished and sexually initiated and humiliated in every possible way (on live camera) by the officer, then led to the town’s square to be publicly punished and sexually used by the soldiers. So, there’s nothing not hot about that scenario: non-consent, complete domination, punishments, and dirty dirty sex. It’s pretty much delicious. To make it palatable, our hero is actually secretly a member of the resistance, but he must go through with the whole thing and make it a good show to keep both of them from being shot. So despite the over-the-top scenario, this is not a dark book. It’s definitely a pleasure read.

The premise is brilliant and the characters are charming, but Tilton ups the heat so much more by adding the whole exhibitionism/voyeur dynamic. The entire subjugation takes place on cameras with a voice-over expert describing things and giving his opinion (like a sports announcer).  The hero himself also stops to talk to the cameras to buy himself time or give the heroine a break. This, of course, adds to the heroine’s embarrassment and discomfort, which of course makes it all the hotter.

I won’t spoil the ending, but there is a very sweet and satisfying HEA and of course, neither character cares to give up the D/s dynamic once it’s no longer mandated.

I recommend Subjugated to any fan of non-con or even those who aren’t sure if they’re fans. Trust me, after you’ve read this book, you will be!

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2 Responses to “Subjugated by Emily Tilton: Scorching Hot Non-Con”

  1. Cait says:

    I found this book very disturbing. One being the age of the girl (she was still in school) and two the supposed hero was not really a Nobel man. I would have liked the story if he hated what he had to do to her. His getting off on it made him no better then the villionuss leader.

    • admin says:

      I think in spanking romance, the hero and heroine are always shown to get off on it (if not at first, eventually. If not, we’re calling into question our reader’s kink… It’s not fun to read about your kink being acted out by people who hate doing it. It was one of the reasons so many in the community hated 50 Shades so much–because of the implication that the kink was wrong.

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