Super Submission by Daphne Chennault


by La Crimson Femme

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.  This phase sums up this story.  Daphne Atlas is a superhero through her powers granted by a Greek Goddess – Artemis.  As a condition of Artemis” continued patronage, Daphne needed to stay chaste.  Since Daphne was a preteen at the time, it wasn”t a big deal.  Now, with the world turned upside down with super villain, Alpha Man, becoming the supreme “Emperor of Earth”, Daphne”s virginity is up for bargaining.

This sexual slavery which includes humiliation, pet play and non-con is pretty hot.  Even the F/f scenes are done in a hot fantasy way.  Obviously, this isn”t a true to BDSM lifestyle book.  It”s a spank bank material BDSM fantasy.  I have no issues with this and found it arousing.  It also initiated a little “me time” which is always a bonus.  From a hot erotic rating standpoint, it would be a 4 star.  Ms. Chennault does a good job of incorporating the heat.

The character development is average.  I can”t say that I really took to any of the characters.  I found Daphne to be less of a heroine and more of a confused little girl wanting a daddy or mommy to come save the day.  While she did sacrifice to save her team of superheroes, that is about all she really does.  Her personal thoughts during sexual slavery were a bit annoying.  She”s one of those people who make a decision and think they can accept the consequences but she can”t.  She whines and then tries to find a rationalization to get out of it.  I personally can”t stand this kind of character so she”s did not have me rooting for her.  I kept hoping for her to be demoralized and turned into a brainless sex doll.  I didn”t even care if she ended up being a sex puppy never allowed to speak for life.

The arch villain Alpha Male is hilarious.  He”s a “Dr. Evil” from Austin Powers type character.  The difference is Alpha Male seems to actually have some plausible action plans.  Many of his actions are using what the gaming world calls “God Powers” so after a while, the reader may roll their eyes at his solutions and how easy he resolves conflicts with warring nations.

From a world building standpoint, it”s odd.  What exactly is this author trying to say?  Do I think our world could be a better place if we have one person ruling it?  Actually, yes.  If there is one focused goal, generally that is more easily and successfully completed than many different competing agendas.  Are Alpha male”s tactics draconian?  Yes and yet I find nothing wrong with it and would actually support many of them.  What I don”t agree with is some of the political ideas.  Some of the things Ms. Chennault lauds as a perfect world scenario are ludicrous for me.  It”s a Band-Aid to the root problem.  This is never more evident than at the end of the story where a twists occurs.

The ending made little sense to me.  Was Daphne a Trojan horse all along?  Is it necessary to add an Oedipus twist to this already jam packed story filled with Socialist agendas and quasi-Greek god mythology?  The ending for me was a bit of a letdown.  I”m fine with a bitter ending.  I don”t need happily ever afters or happily for now.  How this book ended made very little sense.  It could be because so many years were glossed over so for the ending to occur the way it did, it comes across flimsy due to lack of character layering and strong world building.  Overall, this book is an erotic read.  Forget the politics, plot holes and characters, just enjoy it for the sexy scenes.



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