Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight – Holy Hotness Batman!


Taken by the Beast is a juicy shifter book by Natasha Knight. This book had me creaming my panties from the first spank scene.  First of all, who doesn”t just melt over the abduction/seduction scenario?  It”s one of my favorites. And pairing it with spanking romance  is a shoe-in for hotness.

Elijah is the last shifter of his clan after they were wiped out by a group of humans trying to study them. He  is laying low, watching over Kayla, the hot blond who lives in his apartment complex.  When Kayla”s ex-boyfriend (who is still her roommate) gets abusive while he”s all coked up, our hero tears in (in wolf form) to rescue her, killing her ex and his buddies, who very well might have gang raped her.

Knowing that the killings will alert the scientists who are interested in studying him, and fearing they will go after Kayla as well, he grabs Kayla and makes a run for it. She puts up a spunky fight, and of course, there is good reason to apply a little discipline to keep her in hand.

Let me just www.atoledo.com tell you– the discipline is wet-panty HOT. Natasha perfected the art form in this book. Elijah spanks Kayla, ties her up with her panties down, makes her count strokes, applies anal punishment and pretty much cranks me up every time he decides Kayla needs a little correction. When he”s not correcting her, he is deliciously gentle, kind, heroic and considerate.

Here”s a tiny example of what happens to Kayla when she refuses to remove her panties for a punishment. Elijah has her strung up, her wrists tied above her:

He walked behind her. “One more thing,” he said, taking her panties down to mid-thigh. “When I tell you to strip naked, you strip naked.”

She made a sound of protest.

“Feels even more exposed, doesn’t it?” he asked, coming around to meet her eyes, which filled with tears.

“If you drop them, you’ll get additional strokes added to your spanking,” he said. He then leaned against the wall, folded his arms across his chest and waited, his eyes never leaving hers.

Apart from the drool-worthy spank scenes, the action in the book is excellent, with the danger from the evil scientists scenario running, complete with explosions, daring rescues and double-crosses.

I highly recommend this book to all spankos here, there and everywhere.


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3 Responses to “Taken by the Beast by Natasha Knight – Holy Hotness Batman!”

  1. CAN NOT wait to read this!

  2. Corinne Alexander says:

    Buying RIGHT NOW!

  3. Corinne Alexander says:

    Oh my gosh I am literally panting right now! I need to read this right now!

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