Taking His Hand by Sadey Quinn – a relationship that is “beautiful to witness”


Author: Sadey Quinn

Book: Taking his Hand

Date Reviewed: 2/17/2013

Book Rating: 3 Stars


Taking His Hand by Sadey Quinn

A sequel to Under his Roof, Rachel and David return in this smexy spanking story.  In this new installment, a couple of conflicts arise between personal and professional for David.  How does Rachel and David work these issues out?


Ms. Quinn continues with a great job of showing how a domestic discipline relationship can work.  The reader is treated to marked improvements in Rachel’s behavior.  In addition, the reader sees it’s not all about David with his iron fist, doling out brutal spankings.  There is true give and take in this relationship and it’s beautiful to witness.


The spanking scenes doled out are hot even when they are not erotic ones.  It’s clear Ms. Quinn is showcasing all sorts of reason why a spanking would be meted out.  It’s nice to see the variety of reason as well as implements.  What stays consistent is David’s calm reassuring demeanor.  He is definitely a devoted disciplinary with “life coaching” qualities.  There are many people in this world who would easily benefit from a bit of his coaching.


This sequel is a lovely happily ever after for Rachel and David despite the bumps in the road.  The amount of spanking is light to moderate.  I confess I tend to be fan of spanking so there is never a case of too much spanking in a story for me.  This book is recommended to spanking fetishes who dream of a domestic discipline relationship.







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