Taming Emma by Natasha Knight – So Erotic! So Hot!



By Katherine Deane

So erotic, so hot! I loved it!

Emma had agreed to give herself to a Dom for a weekend of sexual submission. When she accepted the money, she had no idea she would be standing blindfolded and naked in front of the potential bidders. And her nervousness skyrockets when she recognizes the voice of the nearest potential Dom, Luke Roark, her brother’s former best friend.

In an attempt to protect her, Luke buys Emma’s contract for the weekend, and takes her back to his place to teach her about BDSM and submission, falling in love with her during the process.

What I really liked about this book was the eroticism of the consensual spankings and sex. I like the occasional nonconsensual spanking, where the hero throws the woman over his lap as she kicks and screams, it’s hot! But this was way hotter! Watching Emma give her approval for each act, the emotions, and the thoughts she had to process through, gave it so much appeal.

There were erotic spankings, breast flogging, and anal play, which were all done very intimately keeping the emotional connection to keep it from becoming pornographic. It was erotic and beautiful. I loved this connection.

Unfortunately their pasts haunt each of them, making it difficult for them to remain together. They each run away because of their own fears and doubts. Until one day when they finally accept that their love is stronger than their past and their fears.

This book was so multi-faceted. Its great eroticism, engaging plot, and well defined characters, kept me reading with pleasure. I just wish it had been a bit longer. Luckily, the author left it open for potential new books. I hope to see some new stories coming from this one. I enjoyed it immensely.

4.5 stars for “Taming Emma”



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