Taming Megan by Natasha Knight


By Tara Finnegan

I readily admit to being a big Natasha Knight fan, she always manages to push the right buttons for me and Taming Megan was no exception.

The book tells the story of a young married couple, in the early days of their domestic discipline marriage. I think this was Ms. Knight’s first foray into purely domestic discipline writing as opposed to BDSM, but I have to say I think she hit exactly the right notes in the development of the characters.

Megan Roarke is a very likeable young woman who has had a less than ideal upbringing and has been responsible for herself from a very early age. She can’t believe her luck in finding a caring, considerate husband who wants to take care of her, and she agrees to a domestic discipline relationship. We meet her just before her first proper spanking, well deserved for drunken, irresponsible behavior.  The build up to that first spanking was absolutely wonderful; Megan’s disbelief that he’s really going to do it, her nerves as she waits for it to happen, and Jakes absolute control of the situation.

Jake really appealed to me, he was stern when he needed to be but incredibly supportive and loving at the same time and I never got the feeling that I wanted to tell him to lighten up or back off. While dominant and caring, he was never overly controlling or domineering, a very difficult balance which was managed brilliantly in my opinion.

Megan runs her own bakery, which is running into financial difficulty, a fact she chooses to hide from Jake. Needless to say he’s not too happy when he finds out. Furthermore, Jake is pitching for a big contract, just at a time when a very foolish mistake from Megan’s past comes back to haunt her and she makes a poor decision to handle it alone. At each step of the way, even as I could see the mistakes Megan was making, I empathized totally with her and quite possibly would have chosen the same road myself! Many of her choices were born of a lack of self-worth and a desire to do anything in her power to protect her marriage.

I highly recommend Taming Megan as a sweet domestic discipline story with a very credible story line,  loveable and realistic characters and, of course being a Natasha Knight book you can be guaranteed hot spankings and yummy, naughty sex; my favourite kind!

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