Taught to Kneel by Natasha Knight – hot enough to provide some scorch!


Review by Jo Smutdickted

Gabrielle has gone back to Italy to find atonement for her past. It is a punishment for her as she and her husband came here in earlier times when they were in love and happy. Once Julian gets a glimpse of Gabrielle he cannot help but connect with her on a level that is more than friends but less than forever. The sizzle between them is hot and so when Julian offers Gabrielle a punishment to absolve her of her guilt she throws caution to the wind and accepts his offer. Can Gabrielle let go of her past and will Julian give her space to chose a future with him?

First I have to say this is the perfect “space” for this novella. Although it is shorter the time frame of the book fits perfectly in its pages. It is more of a weekend interlude and not a meet and fall immediately in love. Both Julian and Gabrielle found something they were not expecting, and it altered their life to such a degree that they need to consider the future. The characters are well rounded, although they aren”t too deep which wouldn”t work for this length anyway. The story is believable and just hot enough to provide some scorch!


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