The Blacksmith’s Daughter and The Constancia Compendium by Chris Bellows


by La Crimson Femme

The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Another tormented taboo story from Mr. Bellows will take the reader into a depraved world of sexual slavery.  The title of this book is misleading because it conjures images of a historical time.  The setting is current day with a couple of men who are good with metal works.

Mr. Bellows does an excellent job again with his deviant depictions.  The depravity which springs forth from his mind is guiltily pleasurable.  Only those with a dark side will truly revel in this sexual slavery story.  Sunny is a runaway who is directed to Dr. Samuels to help her.  Sunny’s tale of woe begins with how she’s been encased with iron fittings at her stepfather’s hands.  She can’t use her hands and she’s been hindered from walking.  The piercings she’s received are designed to arouse the sexual perpetrator and frustrate poor Sunny.  Sunny thinks Dr. Samuels will save her.  What she doesn’t realize, is that he’s there to make her physical restrictions even stricter and more perverse.

Mr. Bellows is a master of sadistic delights.  Each sexual enslavement should generate horror in the reader.  Instead, it heightens the reader’s arousal.  For those who fantasy about being subjugated in such a manner, it’s frightening yet extremely hot.  For those who lust after making such extreme body modifications to a female, it’s spank bank material.  To be able to make these obviously unrealistic changes to a body and then condition the sex slave to take it in the ass or orally at any time is fantastically stimulating.

Mr. Bellows’ technique of going back and forth between time periods to explain how Sunny’s enslavement begins in comparison to Dr. Samuels’ new enhancements is perfect.  The candid descriptions of how Sunny is abused by many different people in all sorts of combination is smoking hot.  It showcases Mr. Bellows’ creativity.  The switching point of view between Dr. Samuels and Sunny also helps enhance the story.  It helps develop the characters and shows just how sinister Dr. Samuels can be as well as how submissive Sunny becomes.

The BDSM in this story is dark fantasy.  If the reader needs to be told this isn’t to be taken for reality, then they should not be reading this book.  There are some parts to this story which can be done which makes this story that much hotter.  For example, the enemas are quite possible.  A posture collar is possible yet in the form Mr. Samuels creates for Sunny, not very probable.  The anal gang banging is quite possible.  Would it be pleasant and possible every day?  Most likely not.  What is really hawt which is left to the reader’s imagination is what happens to Sunny when Dr. Samuels is done with her.  The suggestion of breeding as well as forced lactation is deliciously erotic and makes a reader  yearn for a follow up on Sunny.  Perhaps a little short story where Dr. Samuels visits the breeding and lactating Sunny could be written.

This dark BDSM fantasy is recommended for those who enjoy the taboo and aren’t ashamed of it.


The Constancia Compendium

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Body modification, sexual torture, cbt and force feminization are all guaranteed elements in a Chris Bellows novel.  In this one, it’s three books together for some delicious depravity.  It is a book meant to be savoured.  Whilst I devour most books, this one, I chose to take my time because it is so lovely to read parts and then spend a little “alone” time to fully appreciate Mr. Bellows’ writing style.  There are three books in one collection: Lady Constance, Constancia Island and Behavioral Modification.


The first two parts of this book may come across a bit clinical.  It is from the perspective of a clinical psychologist researching how males have been modified by Lady Constance.  The researcher is given the deluxe tour of the facilities where Lady Constance and her helpers sadistically and sexually torture males.  The first book uses an interviewing style which could come across as dry.  It does not.  Mr. Bellows graphically describes what is done to each male.  How the male came to the clinic and more importantly, how the doctors and nurses came to the clinic.  It’s depraved and not for the those just starting their BDSM journey.  Are any of these body modifications possible?  Some, but for the most part, no.  This is a book for those who clearly understand the difference between reality and fantasy.  As a fantasy, it is so good.  Some may consider it porn.  I consider it a fantasy lovingly detailed with both physical and emotional responses.  It is amusing to see it from the aggressor’s point of view.  Most stories from Mr. Bellows are from the victim’s perspective.


For those who prefer to be in the minds of the male being forced into depraved acts and modified both mentally and physically, do not despair.  Book three, Behavioral Modification, treats the reader to Ted Dalton, cheating trophy husband.  Mrs. Dalton sends Ted for an intense training to her specification.  This is probably the hottest of the three for me because we get to see Ted’s change from beginning to end.  The humiliations he suffers as well as punishment are orgasmic for those into sissification.  The surgery performed upon him to Mrs. Dalton’s desires could be horrifying but Mr. Bellows does it so deliciously twisted.  Mr. Bellows’ trademark style of using well-endowed men and then denying them penile ejaculations is always a pleasure to read.

Mr. Bellows is creative and deviant.  His stories are for a specific niche of readers who enjoy femdom in a dark and wicked manner.  For me, his stories arouse, excite and satiate my warped kinky hunger.  This collection is definitely a keeper which I’ve already dog-eared my favourite parts to be re-read over and over again.  Highly recommended to femdom lovers who enjoy body modification and large subjugated males.



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