The Finest Line by Catherine Taylor – Adventure, romance, danger and spankings


by Katherine Deane

A very well done, fast paced story with adventure, romance, danger, and a few very nice spankings.

Mairead Kavanagh, a party girl, and Olympic hopeful gymnast, keeps ticking everyone off. Her coach, her political father, her chauffer / body guard, and a very bad man who will do everything in his power to end her partying days- for good!

After a night of partying, and very foolish choices, Mairead wakes up in the hospital. Her friend is dead, her father is furious, and the public hates her.  Luckily, her chauffer, James is there to pick up the pieces, and get her safely home.  Mairead has had a tough time being around James, ever since he threatened to spank her five years ago. But she is also drawn to him.  James is good looking, strong, brave, and the only man Mairead has ever trusted to protect her.  She has day dreamed about that spanking for years.  When James finally administers the spanking she has dreamt of, they find their chemistry hard to ignore.  After Mairead follows James on his vacation, they embrace the difficult task of entering into a physical relationship. Unfortunately, someone else wants her in his life.

Mairead is a 22 year old, only daughter of a rich politician / single father.  She is spoiled and beautiful, reckless and passionate, intelligent and charismatic- I loved her! I appreciated the author’s ability to let me look so deep into this woman’s mind, that I could honestly feel her emotions and struggles.  She was a very likeable character, who was just a little misunderstood, confused, unloved at times, and sorely in need of firm, but loving guidance. That is where James Vaughn entered the picture.  A former British military man, several years older than Mairead, handsome, strong, capable, unyielding to compromise, he was the perfect complement to Mairead’s youth.

This story also had some very dark scenes, that could have ruined the whole story, if not done as well as they had been. But they were an integral part of the story, and I understood their need. One antagonist, a young man named, Mark, brought such contempt and mean spirit into Mairead’s life, that I couldn’t help but despise him.  He was a perfect picture of Lucifer- his charm, good looks, money, and power all coming together to hide a very bad heart.  I kept hoping Mairead would find a way to escape him, and finally

see the good in herself. And then Mark’s father entered the story.  He was so much worse than Mark, his evil heart knowing no boundaries, that he made Mark look like a boy scout.

My emotions were all over the place while reading this. I am very thankful that the author chose to keep the darker scenes from getting too dark, and also chose to go with my longed for HEA. Thank goodness! There were scenes that were so intense, that I would not have been able to keep reading if they had been harsher.  But the intensity was what made the story work. And the energy and excitement kept me turning page after page.  I also loved the lighter scenes.  Two words – pole dancing! What a brilliant way to add some fun, lighten up the story, and introduce a new twist to an already enjoyable plot.

I really liked this book.  The characters were well done, especially Mairead, her vulnerability, her intimacy, her stubborn will, and strength of character.  James was done well enough to be likable as the hero of the book. But honestly, my next favorite developed character was Mark.  And this is not because I liked him. I did not like him as a man.  But I loved the depth of his characterization.

Great plot, lots of action, fun spankings and sex, HEA, very fun “extra” activities to keep things from getting too dark, and very well developed characters.

4 stars for The Finest Line



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One Response to “The Finest Line by Catherine Taylor – Adventure, romance, danger and spankings”

  1. TJ says:

    I absolutely loved this story! Read it for free on Kindle a and then purchased the sequel. I look forward to more stories from this author.

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