The Gift by Maddie Taylor – Fun and Sexy


By Dinah Mcleod

Maddie Taylor’s The Gift is easily an A-plus beach read! Or, for a cozy evening at home when you have a few hours to yourself. I highly By  “The Gift” to anyone who likes fun, sexy reads!

“The Gift” begins with physically gifted Erica Stevens meeting a handsome, no-nonsense detective who’s trying to solve a murder-kidnapping. She thinks there’s an instant attraction, but what would he want to do with some “crack-pot fortune teller”? She knows what they all think of her. Coop becomes a believer when Erica helps him by helping him solve the case, and is determined to know more about the sexy blond.

The things I loved best about this book is that it was fun and sexy (by which I mean a LOT of HOT sex scenes! Mmmm!) and the main characters were not your typical twenty-somethings. That made the book more interesting to me. Both of these characters have a past, and baggage, which makes them finding love all the more sweet.

Maddie Taylor also delivers a fast-paced plot, full of mystery and suspense! Don’t miss this one, you’ll regret it!

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