The Good Boy by J.A. Rock – more than capable of twisting some panties


by Jo Smutdickted

What happens when your life becomes a nightmare through no fault of your own? Lane, the son of wealthy parents, is about to find out. Although the world thinks Lane knows where the money is, the wealth his parents shared with him did not include the keys to their kingdom of knowledge. Lane does not know what to do so he does the only thing he can – he reaches out to someone who was always there for him in the past. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse to horrific, and when Derek, a photographer who is barely making ends meet, enters the scene he makes a choice that will come back to haunt him.

Later, Derek sees Lane working and, although drawn to him, cannot help but follow the party line on Lane”s knowledge. Derek”s life savings was tied up in Lane”s parents investment scheme but he is torn by what he thinks he knows and what he sees in front of him. That would be Lane, at the edge of his rope, with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. Although lacking the white horse Derek comes to Lane”s rescue with a job, and the two begin to develop a relationship. Lane starts to learn how Derek”s guidance and structure can help him be the person he wants to be but the trust required to get there stretches all of his boundaries. Exploration takes the form of some kinks that are outside some folks understanding but uniquely fit into the evolution of Lane and Derek”s life. Still, reality comes crashing in – and lines will be drawn. It is up to Lane and Derek to determine if they are together united on one side or facing each other across a unbridgable chasm.

From the main characters and their inner voices the absolutely hilarious Macaw, this one shines with light. The vulnerabilities in each character allow the inner exploration to play a big role in where they want to go, and what they are willing to do. The character rich environment extends to other secondary players and really fleshes this out and makes it feel more like you are seeing a life than a sliver of a time period. There are many metaphors and analogies running here – some more obvious than others. I enjoy symbolism but tend to prefer the shadows where it just slides into my mind without me really realizing rather than put out there so everyone can see it so clearly.

The way the relationship develops had a sort of guiding feeling – not only due to age difference but due to maturity level of both Derek and Lane. I was spellbound at the way Lane was growing and changing and I didn”t feel he came off as a whiny, spoiled boy who wasn”t willing to work hard for the happily ever after. The sex and discipline was hot and certainly more than capable of twisting some panties. I enjoyed the flashbacks to what happened to Lane because taking them in smaller pieces meant I didn”t have to overcome an event all at once but it also kept it there front and center – never far from thought. It lent a gravity and tense urgency to the story that provided an atmosphere where the actions made sense. I thought the pupply play was fine and not any sort of humiliation component – merely there for communication and a way to bridge what could and could not be shared regardless of what Lane truly wanted inside. Damage takes a while to undo – and I think we all have ways we cope. That they found a way to overcome pieces I saw as commendable.

Two fabulous authors in a merge that had me submerged for a couple of hours without any thought to the outside world!

4.5 stars



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