The Grass could be Greener, by Constance Masters – Like opening up a present … and getting two!


By Katherine Deane

Such a pleasant surprise! Like opening up a present … and getting two!

The Grass Could Be Greener was a very fun, well written story that tackled a difficult topic- a wife swap. I wasn’t sure how the author was going to pull it off, but she did. The story was fantastic, and I loved it!

The two couples:

Joe and Sarah – Homeschooling family, and a male-led HOH relationship

Jeremy and Jamie – Professional family, and a marriage full of hurt and resentment


Journalist, Jamie Winter is looking for her next big story. She agrees to go on a reality show about wife swapping, in order to find that story. Jamie is strong, confident, and passionate about her job, sometimes forgetting about things like spending time with her husband or young daughters. She is a good woman, but she just hasn’t found that balance between career woman and mom / wife.

Sarah Wilson is happy as a stay at home mother, wife, and homeschooler. She has agreed to do the wife swap, because she thinks it will be a good experiment, and because it will bring in some much needed money for her family.

The husbands are a little wary of having “new wives” in their households for two weeks, but agree to do the show.

Both women are thrown into worlds almost opposite their own. Line drying laundry and homeschooling have taken the place of corporate world and a nanny.

This story is so well done, and so enjoyable.

I loved how the author explained the situation of sex right away. Since the show’s producers do not allow sex between “swapped” couples, this makes it easier to dive into this fantasy. The author makes it even easier to understand in a very early scene between Sarah and her husband, Joe. When Sarah asks if Joe will spank his “new” wife, he proceeds to show her the difference between a bottom warming over jeans, for a naughty stranger, and a very spicy and sensual bare bottom spanking for his real wife.

You’re the only wife I will ever spank like this.”

Joe tells her as he spanks her and prepares her for their very intimate time together. This was absolutely delicious!

Both couples have faults, neither are perfect. One couple shelters their children from the outside world, and doesn’t give them the opportunity to build up trust and responsibility. The other couple gives their children everything money can buy, and spoil their children, doing everything for them.

It was so much fun watching each woman, placed into an environment so far out of her comfort zone, but learning to work it out, eventually even improving the environment.

I also really enjoyed watching Jamie (the journalist) grow and mature. She turned out to not be the selfish, uncaring woman I had thought she was at the beginning. Joe, her “new husband” for the two weeks, takes her over his knee for a much deserved spanking about her poor attitude and swearing. I loved it!

Jeremy, the “new husband” for Sarah, listens intently as Sarah explains the HOH relationship with her own husband. Sarah helps Jeremy realize that he has been shutting his wife out, and has been hurting her. Jeremy agrees to step up, and be the man Jamie needs, and takes some of Sarah’s other great advice.

I liked how each wife, had to work through her own struggles, and grow to be a better woman. But they also imparted their own wisdoms to empower their host families.

This was such a great example of giving and taking. This story had some very well delivered spankings, and more importantly, some great life lessons about mutual respect, honor, and the importance of loving communication.

This communication was shown very well, at the end of the story, when the two couples officially met to discuss the events of the past two weeks.

Sarah was offered the opportunity to do some freelance writing by Jamie’s editor. Sarah asked her husband, Joe, his thoughts on the matter. Jamie, back in professional mode, got confused and asked why Sarah should have to ask permission to do something important to her.

I loved how Sarah explained that she wasn’t asking permission, but rather for his thoughts on the matter.

When you’re married, you care what the other person thinks. We have four children who will be affected by this. Joe will be affected by this. He may have to pick up the slack sometimes,”

This was a perfect response from a woman who knows the meaning of reciprocal honor and respect.

I really enjoyed this book, and loved seeing the imperfect realities of each family dynamic.

I also liked the positive attention given to home schooling and the stay at home mother.

This was such a fun, quick read!

It had a wonderful story line, fun twists, well developed characters, personal growth, a little bit of romance, some great spankings, and an overall feeling of positive energy.

4.5 stars!



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2 Responses to “The Grass could be Greener, by Constance Masters – Like opening up a present … and getting two!”

  1. Jade Cary says:

    This sounds so great! I see now that I misunderstood the ‘wife swap’ idea big time, thinking it was sexual. So glad I saw this review. Off to buy. Congratulations, Constance.

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