The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor


by Kristin Elyon

Have you ever felt something so outrageous? I mean so completely, totally and utterly not in your sphere of understanding yet it resonates with you so deeply, so profoundly, that you have no choice but to let it in? Embrace it? Well that is what this book has done to me. I could not put this book down. I read it in just shy of 24 hours. From the beginning and especially to the end I was captivated. This story, the people in this story, are so well written so real an

d completely jacked up. You have no choice but to care about them. Cry and weep with them. Hope beyond hope that some way some how things will work out and it does…beautifully! This book is 5+ stars for me!! Highly recommend!

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One Response to “The Housewife and the Film Star by Doris O'Connor”

  1. Laurel Lasky says:

    Looks like an interesting book.

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