The Second Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes by Emily Tilton: A Deliciously Naughty Read


By Celeste Jones

Emily Tilton first drew my attention with the exquisitely worded and toe-curlingly yummy excerpts she shared on Saturday Spankings, particularly those from the story of Miss Emily Orn’s preparation to become a bride in Victorian England, so when I had the chance to read The Second Notebook of Emily Orn Wilkes, I jumped at the chance.

The story opens on the morning of Emily’s wedding, though she quickly reflects back to events of the day before and we are transported to a room at Smith’s where Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Harrah, presumably two middle aged women, fit the soon to be bride with an aide-mari (which seems to be a sexy lacy Victorian thong).

Should I be turned on by the idea of two matrons fitting up the “charms” of a young virgin and then photographing her in various poses which were ordered by her husband?

Well, whether I ought to have been or not…I was and I kept sneaking away from what I was supposed to be doing to read more and more of this engaging, erotic story.

As a fan of historical fiction, I am in awe of Ms. Tilton’s use of language to transport the reader directly to London in June, 1872. Here is one example: I took small steps, because that lessened the pain somewhat; but also because the aide-mari, even when covered by crinolines and corset, makes one feel that one’s charms are terribly exposed to view, and that only a small step will prevent one’s most intimate secrets from being revealed; finally, and perhaps most importantly, because the aide-mari was designed with an ingenious quality to which only one who has walked in the garment can attest: the narrowing of the lace front panel at its base, when properly fitted, occurs at precisely the point where its remaining outside the bridal virtue is always in question; at every step the lace threatens to work its way into the bride’s untried furrow, or the wife’s virtue. Small steps barely manage to keep the narrow inward-urging lace at bay; a single large step allows the lace immediate and sudden entry, at which the wearer almost invariably gasps, and must excuse herself to the powder-room; if she is, on the other hand, at the altar, in the middle of her wedding-vows, she must bear the unique sensation, and find a means of concentrating on those vows rather than the excruciating, lewd sensation in her loins. This entire effect is greatly magnified, you can understand, when the aide-mari has been tightly fitted, as mine had been.

Emily is a delightful heroine who is both innocent and lustful at the same time. The story follows her from being fitted for the aide-mari through her wedding night and the many deliciously naught things that happen to her at the loving hands (and other things) of her new husband, Edmund.

This story contains F/f, M/f, f/f, voyeurism, anal sex, and lots of activities to titillate.

This book is the second in the series and though I enjoyed it without reading the first book, I suggest you buy both books at the same time and read them in the proper order because once you finish the first, even one click delivery will not be fast enough to get you to the next part.

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Explorations: The Second Notebook


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