The Story of L – Redemption: A hotness that will leave you gasping


By Tara Finnegan

This is the third book in the Story of L series, and trust me to read them out of order. I will definitely be going back to read book one and two as a matter of some urgency!

It has a well thought out plot, which I have no doubt I would have enjoyed better had I read them in order. But that said, Ms Cloutier does fill in the missing links throughout, and never felt confused about what went before.  It holds its own really well, even as a stand alone read.

The book opens with Trey incarcerated in a Mexican prison. L had been in a Master/ Slave relationship with Trey and his capture results in him releasing L from her contract. All of a sudden she has become an independent woman, with nowhere to live, and no means of earning an income.

An “Elder” of the club, Master C, harbours L and lets her stay with him, he has had feelings for her for quite some time and he seizes his opportunity.  While L knows him as a cruel and sadistic Master at the club, she is astonished to find there is much more to him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the intricacies of the crime committed by Trey, embezzlement and identity theft, which were well thought out and explained. L’s reaction to his misuse of her is well done, as we see her inner conflict of being a natural submissive, while her tougher more independent side doesn’t want to ever leave herself so vulnerable again.  Another great pleasure was watching the relationship between L and Clay change and gradually develop into something much deeper, culminating in what I can only describe as a very fitting and lovely HEA. I do have one criticism though, which was at times I found the dialogue a little contrived, and lengthy which at times I found distracting and I felt it dragged the story out a little.

So what about the hot stuff? Apart from one (very hot) spanking in the first chapter, it did take a while for the heat to turn up. But that was entirely fitting with the story, and to be honest, I love a writer who has the courage to wait for the right time and allow the plot to develop rather than just lashing straight into the sex scenes. And boy, once the thermostat went up, it was sizzling and so very well worth waiting for. LA

Cloutier doesn’t hold back, with a hotness that will leave you gasping.

If I could rate it separately for story and hotness I would give it  four stars for the story, mainly because some of the dialogue just didn

’t work for me, and five stars for scorching, panty-moistening erotica.

Buy The Story of L separately or as part of the box set.


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2 Responses to “The Story of L – Redemption: A hotness that will leave you gasping”

  1. LA Cloutier says:

    Tara! Wow. Thank you! I had no idea you guys were even going to review my book.
    What an in depth and very nice review. The best review I gotten so far.
    I’m glad you mentioned my being a little wordy. I’ve been working on that. ;-)
    I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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