The Ways of the West by Kelly Dawson – Sweet and Touching Love Story


Review by Leigh Smith,

Everyone knows by now I love westerns so choosing Kelly’s book to review shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This is an enjoyable read that should delight even those who are not as crazy about westerns and cowboys as me.

Jessica Walsh and her family have pulled up stakes in Boston to head west to make a new life. Jessica who is just beginning journey into Boston’s social circle is less than pleased with her father’s choice to move west. They join a wagon train heading to and Jessica likes nothing about the trip and rebels at every turn.

Johnny Truman, grew up on his family’s farm in Missouri. It was a hard scrapple life but filled with love. At 16, he left home to make his own way and vowed not to return home until he had his own stake.

He stumbles across the wagon train and sets eyes on Jessica who wants nothing to do with a dusty cowboy. That is, until a marauding band of Indians attacks the train. She run off when her father threatened to strap her and escaped the massacre. When she returned to the train, she finds her family and everyone else dead and everything else either stolen or burned.

Jessica finds herself alone and desolate until Johnny returns from his hunt to find meat.

He tells Jessica he will become her protector and watch over her. She has no choice but to accept his offer.

It’s up to him to lead her through the treacherous frontier until they reach a town. Jessica finds out that Johnny is no pushover and finds that Johnny doesn’t hesitate to tan her hide when he thinks she deserves a spanking. Jessica earns every spanking Johnny delivers and there are many. Her growing acceptance of him and his discipline as their romance builds is very believable.

This story had some twists and turns and is ultimately a very sweet and touching love story. The main characters are well developed and interesting. The dialog is believable, the secondary characters interesting.


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One Response to “The Ways of the West by Kelly Dawson – Sweet and Touching Love Story”

  1. Kelly Dawson says:

    Thanks so much for your review, Leigh! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Ways of the West :)

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