The Willful Miss Winchester by Celeste Jones


Review by Renee Rose

I love Celeste Jones’ stories for the humor and intelligence.  Her latest Victorian novella, The Willful Miss Winchester did not disappoint. The third book in her Lady Katherine series (easily read as a stand-alone), features the extremely headstrong Miss Charlotte Winchester, the sister of Lord Thomas Winchester.  Extremely independent and proud, she saved her own money to travel across the sea to visit her brother in London and chose to surprise him.  Unfortunately, her brother and Lady Katherine picked the same time to sail to America to visit her!

When Miss Winchester arrives, she finds Lord Lucas Tanner in residence at her brother’s townhouse and she looks so little like a lady, he attempts to turn her away like a beggar. She does manage to prove her relationship to Lord Winchester and he of course, must allow her to stay, but she exaggerates her bad behavior just to annoy the man, and you can imagine, some spankings and sparks fly.

This is a quick read, well-written and highly entertaining.  I read it all in one gulp, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Celeste’s mastery of wordplay is a delight.  You can get the flavor of it just from the blurb:


Rash, brash and low on cash. Miss Charlotte Winchester sailed across the Atlantic ready to partake of all London had to offer the favorite sister of Lord Thomas Winchester. What a shock for our impulsive adventurer when she arrives at her brother’s London townhouse to find he and his wife sailed for America weeks before.

Reclusive widower Lord Lucas Tanner wanted nothing more than to live in obscurity while continuing to mourn the loss of his wife and infant son. When his house burns to the ground, he accepts the invitation of his friend, Lord Thomas Winchester, to reside at his home while Thomas and Lady Katherine visit America. All goes well for him until Charlotte shows up on his door.

Cultures and passions clash when these two unlikely roommates are forced to share a home. Will they draw a chalk line through the center of the parlor, or will their acrimony turn to matrimony?

Like the blurb, there’s a light-hearted humor to the book. I loved passages like this:

Strangely, the thought of his mother, or anyone, criticizing the little heathen with whom he dined brought up a feeling of protectiveness.  Or maybe it was indigestion.

I loved Charlotte’s boldness and Lord Tanner (ha!) is quite a tanner, indeed.  The spankings are frequent and deserved but never over the top.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical spanking romance.

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2 Responses to “The Willful Miss Winchester by Celeste Jones”

  1. Livia Grant says:

    I picked this one up when it was released on sale and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoyed this quick read, Celeste. I loved how Lucas tried so hard to resist her, but caved as soon as he realized he was going to lose her. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the kind review. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    My favorite funny part was Lord Rancid. Writing about him made me giggle.

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