The Bossman – a fantastic and gripping read


By Etta Stark

The Bossman is Renee Rose’s latest spanking romance. Her last couple of books – Humbled and Held for Ransom – were both historical romances but The Bossman is set firmly in the present day.Bossman

It starts with our heroine – Sophie Palazzo giving a massage to Mafia capo – and link to her past – Joey La Torre. Since her father’s death, Sophie has followed her mother’s example in keeping as much distance between herself and the Family as possible. Joey has other ideas and Sophie’s resistance rapidly breaks down in the face of Joey’s charm, sex appeal and persistence.

The relationship between the two heroes is cute and their dialogue is completely natural and frequently fun. It is easy to understand why these two people would be attracted to one another – despite Sophie’s entirely understandable reservations.

I don’t really know anything about the Mafia – I’ve never even watched the Sopranos for goodness sake – so I don’t know how realistic any of the ‘business’ side of Joey’s life is. Although we see sufficient Mafia activity to drive the plot along and provide us with some insight to Joey’s life, we aren’t given too many grisly details. Instead we get a sweet romance. Although, as well as glimpses of Joey’s mafia business, we see flashbacks to Sophie’s childhood which explain her mistrust of organised crime.

I would have liked to have known more about Sophie’s life just before the beginning of this book. She doesn’t seem to have any friends or life outside her job at all. Just a sort-of-boyfriend she doesn’t like and a mom she doesn’t see much. If her life was as isolated as that suggests, I would have liked to have seen that explored further. (Although I appreciate that the lack of friends might just as easily been down to the author not wanting to introduce any more characters to an already large supporting cast.)

The spanking is plentiful and masterfully handled (by both the spanker and the author). There was a great spanking dynamic here as Sophie and Joey learnt from one another’s desires and expectations. Joey, in particular, proves to be very flexible and keen to learn while remaining deliciously dominant throughout all the spanking scenes.

There’s a ‘spanking bingo’ roll call of different implements in use here. Belt, spatula, wooden spoon and paddle are all featured as well as some rubber weather stripping that I couldn’t quite picture.

Overall, this was a fantastic and gripping read which demonstrates that Renee Rose’s storytelling just gets better and better. (Which is brilliant news for us as she seems to be releasing about a book a month at the moment.)

Renee Rose occasionally writes follow-ups to her books (The Reddington Scandal and Courting Celia for example). I hope she doesn’t with this one. Not because I don’t want to spend any more time with Sophie and Joey – far from it. I just don’t want them to have any more drama in their lives. They’ve had enough excitement. I am happy to leave them to the quiet uneventful life that they both crave. One that’s certain to include plenty of vigorously applied domestic discipline.

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