Tiptoeing into Age Play – Guest Post by Korey Mae Johnson


by Korey Mae Johnson

When I decided to write an age play story in March, I felt immediately like I was out of my league. Age play was still very “taboo” for me, which is saying a lot—I work with some pretty naughty stories and I’m all but desensitized to so much of spanking literature. I couldn’t talk about it with people, and I’ve met absolutely tons of people who do age play. Still, the mention of it always turned my ears red and set my heart racing.

I used to go as far as flatly saying I didn’t like it, didn’t agree with the lifestyle, simply because it made me feel so nervous every time I was exposed to it. Now, I did like reading about it—I didn’t like that I felt ashamed about liking it.


I decided to explore it more and write an age play because I wanted to address something that I felt strongly about and wanted to learn more about. I wanted to know why it made me nervous, and excited, and to get to the depths of this blossoming kink. Before writing the book, all I had done was go to a seminar on age play, read a couple of books about the lifestyle, read some others’ age play literature, and then of course, I scoured the internet for everything I could learn. There’s still so much I don’t know, but at the end of the day, I did learn one very important thing:

Age play is broad. There’s no “right” or “wrong”. Some spankos don’t like to be spanked in little form, some like to role play as babies, some as children, some as teenaged schoolgirls. Some like it as a simple stress relief and some like using it in their sex play.

In my first age play story, Being Their Baby, a lot of the focus is using age play as a lifestyle (rather than a scene before sex), and using it in a sexual manner. I was nervous about it—I was sure that I’d get a lot of flak from the people who don’t role play their own scenes in a very sexual way. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by my wrongness. I’m beginning to see that a lot of people are really drawn in by the idea of ageplay, and everyone for their own reasons. The age players were so utterly supportive of me on my quest to try out this kink in my own stories and even my own life, to do it at my own pace and to do it in the way that I felt was right for me.

I didn’t think I’d ever play with ageplay in real life, although I was always drawn into age play books. Then, I was heading out of a popular spanking party (Boardwalk Badness Weekend), and I was still going through conversations I had with a couple of my play partners about age play, and grudging how I was too nervous to even get into any deep conversations about the subject with people that enjoy it. Grudgingly, I said to my husband, James, “I don’t think I could ever do age play. I’m horrible at acting like a ‘little’.”

James raised his eyebrow at me and smirked and said, “Honey, the only thing that separates you from a little is that you don’t call me ‘Daddy’.”

I thought about this, stunned. He was right. My husband tends to coddle me. He supports me and tries to always help me improve myself in a positive direction, guiding me like a child. He cuddles me every night, he tucks me in if he can’t go to bed at the same time, he makes me take naps and makes sure I eat right and even makes and goes in with me to all of my doctor’s appointments. He’s always made my happiness and well-being his first priority.

Somehow, that was an icebreaking moment for me. I looked at him, “Uh… Do you want me to call you ‘Daddy’ sometime?” I was dry-mouthed with my own husband. I asked it as if I was teasing him, as if he of course wouldn’t want me actually calling him that.

Again he smirked, “Yeah,” he merely said, and drove out of the parking lot. After that, we sat their quietly in the car. I had no guts to continue on with the conversation.

After that, he started to constantly call me ‘Babygirl’, although he was very patient with me calling him ‘Daddy’. I couldn’t get the word out of my mouth for another six weeks. I became bolder, whinier, but calling him ‘Daddy’ always put a blush to my cheeks. One of the things he delights in now is taking me to public places and forcing me to answer his question with ‘Yes, Daddy’ or ‘No, Daddy’. James loves to see me blush. He loves how extremely submissive and awkward I become when he forces me to go into littledom.

When writing the book, I was definitely aware of the power of the words used in play. Words and titles like ‘Daddy’ or ‘Uncle’ or ‘Mommy/Mama’ really slap someone into a mindset very quickly, at least in my experience. It’s not easy to get used to using those titles with someone, and I feel like it bestows a sort of power onto them, and it was a first step for me. I think that when James treats me as a ‘little’ and I call him ‘Daddy’, the rest of the play actually just happens.

In my age play story, the heroine Sophie is a vanilla girl who is merely exposed to a ménage relationship and then treated by these partners as a little. Slowly but surely, Sophie began to fulfill the role that was cut out for her, and it just happens. Honestly, I wrote that even though I had never felt that sensation myself. I had only hoped that one day that would happen to me—if I was treated enough like a little, then I would finally come into my ‘inner little’.

There’re definitely a lot of people in the age play community that don’t have that problem—they can find their inner little just fine on their own, and come into it very quickly. I was really worrying since writing the book, and during the time I was writing the book, that I was writing about a process that wasn’t realistic and didn’t often happen.

I just went to my first age play party yesterday, and I was reminded that becoming ‘little’ for so many ladies seemed as natural as breathing for them, while I felt like I had to drop into it slowly. My husband/’Daddy’ helped by pulling me onto his lap, kissing my forehead, cuddling and coloring with me in a coloring book. Somehow, with seeing so many littles around me and being so cared for by James made his ‘Daddy’ role finally really strike me, and at the same time, my role was finally just realized. I dropped right into the play and was playing on the rug with Breanna and Nikki Hayse, who were also in attendance, in no time at all. It actually all clicked into place.

I’m going to sum up my rambling about my experiences with age play here:

Age play not something you need to do a certain way. There’re a million directions you can go with it (if you want to experience it), and there’s tons of way to get there. If it’s a fantasy of yours, then how you approach it and play with it is completely up to you. Nobody can tell you how to do it.

Secondly, be patient with people who don’t like age play, or don’t understand it. Like all fetishes, it’s something that people need to chew on for a while. Don’t let people’s objections hold you back, and don’t pay any mind to opinions what might change with the passing of time.


Korey Mae Johnson has written five full-length novels, four novellas (two of which were included in two-book collections with other authors), and two short stories (which were included in anthologies).

She co-owns Stormy Night Publications with her husband, James, and has been publishing spanking eBooks for six years. She”s been writing spanking stories since she could hold a pen and she and James practice DD in their relationship. She currently resides in Albuquerque, NM.

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16 Responses to “Tiptoeing into Age Play – Guest Post by Korey Mae Johnson”

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Wow. A very open and honest post about your explorations. I have to confess that age play is a fetish that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I don’t ever see myself delving into this–not even in fiction, but I support people’s right to do so.

    Best of luck with your release, Korey.

    • Hi Cara! Thanks for commenting!

      I hear you, not every fetish is for everyone. With ageplay, I was uncomfortable enough with it that I’ll admit that three years ago I was outright condemning it. It made me feel so uncomfortable… But then I became really desensitized by erotica and spanking erotica to the point that I was drawn to ageplay BECAUSE it made me uncomfortable. In the tummy-butterflies way moreso than the awkward sense. That’s the key. ;) There are definitely levels of ‘uncomfortable’.

      But seriously, I need to feel naughty reading a book for me to really like it, but I didn’t know that about myself really. Now I’m totally ashamed of my close-minded attitude from years ago, like I’m a huge hypocrite. It’s so nice to be part of the spanking community–like the spanking writers group that you and Anastasia runs–where everyone can slowly get people out of their comfort zone in a totally good way.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this fresh insight, Korey Mae. I find age play fascinating.
    Though I still haven’t found the guts to actually research it yet, I did buy a few AP books, including yours.
    That’s a start for me :)

    Great post!

    • That’s where it alll starts, Katherine. I think what got me curious in the genre was Darla Phelp’s Pet Series (Bach’s Story, Pani’s Story, etc) because it had lots of ageplay elements without actually being age play (because the alien was unconcerned about her age; she was a pet and they happen to treat their pets like children on his planet). So it was a really great stepping stone. Even when I was “not liking ageplay”, the book was still my guilty pleasure. It’s also very long and amazingly well-written. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested by ageplay but is nervous about the concept. ;)

  3. You have great courage, Korey, both for exploring this as a concept, and for exploring it as a reality. It’s not something I could ever do. My husband would laugh at me, if I even mentioned it (he’s not an ogre, but does have his limits). I would feel bizarre playing the game, and it wouldn’t suit my character.

    It’s not for everyone, I think that’s safe to say. Not everyone should explore every kink. But for those who want to explore, I say, go for it! Congratulations to you, Korey, for finding your way to something new and exciting.

    • Oh, I totally hear you, Patricia. Not every kink should be explored, especially those that might hurt the relationship at all. James has a fetish (tickling) which I don’t do, for example. I couldn’t fake being turned on by it, and because he knows when I’m turned on so faking liking it would be a no-go. Tickling’s a hard-limit for me–it makes me hyperventilate and freaks me out. Other kinks do that with other people. It’s all about hitting the right chords. Not everybody’s going to like every fetish. You don’t want a partner not into the play because that makes it not fun. Who can be happy when their partner’s not happy? That being said, trying out new things have been craazy fun and the sex has been fantastic. ;)

  4. Abbie Adams says:

    I loved this post. Of course, I bought this book the moment I saw it. It was very good, I enjoyed it and that it was new and different.

    It was very hard for me to let go of myself, my fears to write my ageplay and I still struggle with it. I haven’t graduated to telling my dear hubby about it or my inner little girl yet.

    I can only dream that he would take it as well as James has. I’m glad that you have learned from and are growing from this experience. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • I’m so glad you liked Being Their Baby, Abbie!

      I’m really, really lucky. I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable digging into ageplay if it wasn’t for James, who sort of led me into it without me having to ask, mostly because he can read me so well and I swear his biggest fetish, the one that tops them all, is to see me aroused. ;) So I think as soon as he realized that ageplay made me blush, he sort of guided me in that direction. He’s so sweet.

      This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this, either. He’s huge on dirty talk now, and loves it, but he didn’t do it the first three years of marriage, and then he realized I liked it. BUT that was because I admitted it. Our men aren’t too different than us–most women would follow directions during sex to the letter to the point of really enjoying it if they knew there was a move that could get their husbands to cream jeans. It’s all about communication–you might be surprised what your husband can get into. Even if you drag them into it (and this doesn’t just abide with ageplay, but all fetishes and kinks), you might really get them ‘into’ something on their own accord so you’re not forcing (because it’s no fun when they’re not enjoying it, too). But they need to be in the know… That being said–as I said before, it took me three whole years before I even had the guts to tell James I liked dirty talk. So I totally hear your hesitancy and your fears because I was totally the same way.

  5. Tiffany says:

    This really caught my eye so I decided to read. Usually I’m just a lurker. And then when Korey shared her own experience it made me more interested. I will be purchasing the book and Korey has found herself a new reader.

  6. Dawn says:

    Korey, first off I just want to say how Awesome and talented you are! I was so excited to see your new book released, and then to find it was ‘age play’… that was a double bingo!!
    I am also amazed by the depth of your blog sharing. Sometimes I think I would die of embarrassment if someone got a hold of my Kindle and saw several of the books I enjoyed, most being from You, Breanna, Laylah, Carolyn, Fiona and Abbie!!
    Honestly I think you may have been tiptoeing a little ‘around’ age play with Never Submit/Learning to Blush and Shared Between Them. But it’s great to know you’re now tiptoeing into it and sharing it with those of us who can only dream about it!!

    • Hi Dawn!

      First of all–you’re so sweet. Thanks for all your kind words. Really–that makes my day. But with my other books it tiptoes around ageplay, but only really briefly and normally only as part of dirty talk or as a throw-away line. (I am a card-carrying member of the I-Love-Dirty-Talk Club, for sure!) I was WAY too nervous to delve into it. But then, as I said, my husband takes care of me like I’m a little even when I’m not a little; that’s just how he likes to treat his wife–by spoiling her, coddling her, and making sure she always feel emotionally and physically strong and secure. So I think that much had leaked through my writing because I think that’s what a happy-ever-after relationship is because I, personally, am so happy with it. (Not that there aren’t plenty of different relationships that people are totally happy with, too–but in my life, I knew no true happiness and contentment before James). So, even though I try to keep myself out of my writing, admittedly my relationship gets occasionally mirrored without me even thinking about it. But I want to write even more deeply about ageplay with more explicit scenes in the future. I think Being Their Baby was me at the shallow-end of the ageplay pool, and I want to go a little deeper. ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. My DH and I are very private, and I can’t imagine sharing our experiences with others in a group. But he calls me his babydoll and I call him Daddy – always have. It reflects the relationship and our personalities.

    I don’t think we do much age play really, but the caretaking dynamic is there – similar to what you talked about. I think it plays out for us more when I’m a bratty sub, but it’s more the D/s kind of dynamic for us.

    Like you said, there’s no one size fits all. Just take what works in your relationship and what doesn’t do it for you – skip it.

    • Right! It doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. There are no rules on how to run any relationship. Someone might like ageplay but not like spanking. Someone might like D/s but not like the concepts of collars, rituals, or ownership. There can be total mixing and matching.

      Back in the day, not to long ago, it was actually more of a stigma in the BDSM community to be part of “houses”, houses where you got trained in a particular way to submit in a particular way, and the BDSM community was more on agreement towards what “titling” was. Like, if you called yourself a ‘leather’ that meant that you believed and did A, B, and C. But in a relationship with a partner, titles are meaningless. What you do in the bedroom has to be first and foremost arousing to both of you. Who cares about anyone else? As Normandie says–what doesn’t work for you, skip it! Thanks so much, Normandie. You put that just perfectly. :)

  8. Thank you Korey for sharing all of this with us. I think because you haven’t written age play all along and are a well respected author in the spanking genre many of your readers are willing to go along for the ride with you and address some hidden interest that felt forbidden to us before. Your courage gives us the courage that evades so many before. I will admit it has made me feel uncomfortable in the past, but there is a little slice of age play that is alluring to me. That would be the 12-16 age. I don’t know if I will ever explore it in my real life, but I will definitely explore it a bit through writing.

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