Trained at the Castle by Emily Tilton – Gripping and Fascinating fantasy


Review by Rachel de Vine

Hala was told that she would end up being taken to the castle because of her lustful ways, and the Sages, who visited her in her dreams, and told her that she would go in the covered wagon to be punished and mastered, confirmed this.

The Sages taught that young women who give in to the their shameful lusts, must go to the castle, so that regular discipline and chastisement would prevent their foe from becoming strong and destroying the high thornwall that grows around the village and protects the inhabitants.

While riding the Lord’s Horse, it is found that not only is Hala lustful, but she sends out a powerful corona which causes the ground to shake, and all men in the vicinity to feel powerful sexual urges towards her.  She is taken to the castle to be trained and mastered by the handsome knight Sir Wake.

I love Emily Tilton’s vivid imagination, which translated into my compulsive reading of this book.  It is a gripping and fascinating fantasy, with plenty of spanking and sexual training to make it so hot you might want to fan yourself down from time to time.  I highly recommend it.

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