Treasure of the Forest Nymphs by Devlin O’Neill


Review by Ashlynn Kenzie

Have you ever gone to a concert or watched a video or moved up close to the band at a dance — just close enough to watch his eyes and follow his hands, his strong fingers, as they caress the keys or masterfully strum the strings or grip the sticks and tap?

And have you wondered, then, with that delicious little private tickle in private places, what it would be like if those hands did something outrageous? Something like taking someone — maybe even you — in hand with those hands?

Girls do wonder, you know. At least, this girl does.

And Devlin O’Neill knows it.

But, then, that is hardly surprising. He knows so much about what girls need and want and dream of having, and he’s so very, very good at weaving it all into stories that entertain a girl’s mind and flood her heart with passion and make her smile that tiny smile just below half closed eyes while she breathes ever so lightly, lest the image of her own starring role in his stories should be disturbed before she is sufficiently warmed and pleasantly sated.

Perhaps that is why this prolific and talented spanking romance author opens “Treasure of the Forest Nymphs” with a musician; a guitar player who is a man capable of bending both strings for tickling senses and, also, girls for tending to. The ladies in his audience are drawn to Harlan the Guitar Player, and he draws on that knowledge and selects one of them in a random drawing for special attention at the close of each evening’s onstage performance.

Readers get to follow the couple off stage and down the hall to a private room where Harlan of guitar fame employs his second talent and sends ladies on their way out the back door humming the bits he has played and rubbing the bits he has played upon throughout the evening.

Wondering how the forest nymphs fit in to this scenario? Well, it’s magical, you see, the way the story all comes together beyond the confines of a real world bar where the most sought-after entertainer in town is in residence each evening.

Funny how men who like to spank and women who like to be spanked have a way of crossing those barriers between “real” and “just might happen” and getting down to business, isn’t it? And in O’Neill’s newest Neverwasnian romance, it’s even funnier how spritely nymphs with similar predilections mesh perfectly into the story line.

It all happens when a Very Pretty Someone spots something — well, actually, a couple of somethings — unusual in Harlan the Guitar Player and decides he is just the person she needs to help her claim the treasure she really, really has to have. Somewhere along the way, as the duo move from the familiar and into the mystical, Very Pretty Someone and Harlan the Guitar Player discover not only the treasure they went searching for with their senses, but also the one they’ve secretly been searching for with their hearts.

It’s a magical fantasy. Of course.

It’s a spanking story. Of course.

It’s a romantic tale. Of course.

It’s another of O’Neill’s finest. Of course.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be recommending it, because I am drawn to the finer things in life and think you should be, as well.

Happy reading.

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One Response to “Treasure of the Forest Nymphs by Devlin O’Neill”

  1. Ang says:

    Wonderful review, Ashlynn!

    I agree wholeheartedly!

    In Treasure of the Forest Nymphs, Mr. O’Neill has written a story that I was unable to put down. His sense of humor along with his wonderful imagination will captivate you, as it did me. Rest assured, you’ll be searching for more.

    You will not be disappointed!

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