Truckee Wolves: Toxic by Belinda K McBride


Review by La Crimson Femme

Another wonderful tale from the talented Ms. McBride.  In Toxic, there are shifters, tampered humans and a mysterious nefarious corporation.  This could be a simple tale of soul mates finding each other.  Instead, in classic Ms. Bride style, the reader is treated to an interesting world with interesting characters.

Ms. McBride teases us with a little strip show as she stingily tosses us tidbits of this new world she”s created.  The reader learns a little about Abraxas.  This group is after Briony and her brother, Kendall.  What happen to these kids?  The reader can make a few educated guess, but nothing is confirmed.

Ms. McBride adds in some shifters and great sexual tension.  With a damaged pack, it seems Briony”s little family will fill in the gaps.  This is where Rico, the hunky wildlife ranger comes in.  The surprising kinky interludes between Rico and Briony are smoking hot.  Ms. McBride is a cock tease as she keeps hinting with more D/s scenes yet stops right before it is realized.  She saucily builds up her secondary characters too.  This little taste makes the readers hunger for more.  It”s a lovely set up for the next book in the series.  Will it be focused on Briony”s mother or brother?  Or will the readers be treated to a hawt ménage between Rico”s alpha, his beta Sage and Briony”s mother?  One can only hope.

This tale is a fast read keeping the reader turning page after page.  There are more questions than answers at the end of this story.  This smexy paranormal romance is recommended for kinky readers.


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