Will. Be. Punished. Three simple words to make my heart quail – by Emily Tilton


p>21ViBrThanks so much for letting me borrow your readers, Spanking Romance Reviews! Under the name Emily Tilton I write a hybrid spanking/BDSM project that I call EXPLORATIONS. It”s kind of a serial, and kind of a series, and kind of a chunked-out novel (think Dickens! ;)).

Most of EXPLORATIONS (so far, at least) concerns the early married life of a fantasy version of me and my husband, called fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles. The story begins with their wedding-night, and so far has carried them through to the early months of their marriage.

Two things make EXPLORATIONS unique, in my own view.

1.   Me, in italics, telling the story of telling the story. Most importantly, because the story in Roman type is an elaboration of my darkest BDSM fantasies, I”m talking about how I react to these fantasies, and meditating on the relationship of fantasy to reality. My blog is an extension of that project.

  • 2.  In the course of elaborating those fantasies, fantasy-Emily and fantasy-Charles start to uncover another, older story–the story of Prophettown and (eventually) the story of their own ancestors, and how the two are related. This will eventually send them on a frankly outlandish journey (no more outlandish than sexy vampires and werewolves, mind you) of fantasy-self-discovery that I venture to say has no parallel in erotic literature.

Also, though this is hardly unique, the actual books of the series are nearly 100% pure BDSM, though expressed in varied ways, including, in the Prophettown books, some faux-scriptural language that I find fun and hot, but which I suspect readers may hate. The jury”s still out on that one.

Last week I released a book called Emily, Victorian Bride, that takes the exploration in a new direction: fantasy-me is given a spanking narrative by her great-great-grandmother that, besides giving me the chance to write the kind of Victorian BDSM I”ve always loved, will also let me bring the story of fantasy-Emily to an exciting climax.

The process of writing that narrative, however, in the “real” narrative of my BDSM relationship with my real Charles, brought me to the tease I want to offer you here on Spanking Romance Reviews. This is from the middle of a post I”ll put up on my own blog tomorrow, called “Please unfasten your jeans.” It concerns the training regime we came up with to realize some of my fiction in our own household.

“Just as I thought,” Charles said. “I don”t suppose I should have expected regulation undergarments under your jeans, when you flouted my rules under your shirt, should I? Please lower your jeans to just above your knees.”

He had noticed that I had chosen the tight ones, and now he was exploiting it. When I had carried out his request, my eyes on the floor and my face hot both with shame and arousal, I was a picture of wantonness-in-training: flaming scarlet sexy lingerie, knees bound by slutty tight jeans. Charles stood. He had my paddle in his right hand, I saw now. Not good (but also wonderful).

“Miss Tilton,” Charles said. “You have been found self-evidently guilty of wearing this provocative underwear. Because you are new to Smith”s, you will be punished with the paddle instead of the cane.”

Will. Be. Punished. Three simple words that could make my heart quail and my cunt flow. No escape: I was in training now, and I would be punished with the paddle in a few moments.

About Emily Tilton

I, Emily Tilton, if I exist, am a human rights lawyer who resides in Greenwich, CT. It”s more likely that I”m actually someone else, who wishes she were as free to play out her real fantasies as Emily Tilton is.

EXPLORATIONS (click for the “101” explanation!) is a narrative version of my nearly lifelong quest to reconcile my submissive erotic orientation with my ethics. In this profile, as in the books of EXPLORATIONS themselves, when I”m writing in italics, I”m writing as the “real” me–35 year old lawyer Emily.

Over the many years since I became aware of my sometimes unbearable craving for ravishment, spanking, and above all anal domination, I have tried to come to terms with that craving in more ways than I can count. The first of the ways was by reading, voraciously, every piece of good BDSM erotica (and of course also a ton of bad BDSM erotica) I could find.

Eventually, I read Story of O. As is reflected throughout EXPLORATIONS, it changed my life, though the change has been gradual, and continues to this day. The idea that other women might share the lusts I have by turns been ashamed of and defiantly proud of, that a woman like the real Pauline Réage might write so beautifully of those lusts, and work them out so thoroughly and even pitilessly on a character, put Réage”s famous pencil in my right hand. Or, to put it in the terms of EXPLORATIONS, it put my left hand on the keyboard of my laptop and my right hand in my lap, if you know what I mean. I started to write spanking stories.

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