Writing Prompt Wednesday


Congratulations to Sue Lyndon who won last week's random drawing and selected Patty Devlin's Harder Choices as her prize. Patty has kindly donated copies of all her books as prizes so we'll be giving them out interspersed with other prizes that might be donated (hint…hint…). This week, Renee Rose is donating a $5 Amazon card. Thanks, Renee!

But, in order to win, you have to participate. Let's go over the rules again. We like rules.

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Each Wednesday Spanking Romance Reviews will host a writing prompt for your fun and entertainment.

  1. What is a writing prompt? A writing prompt is a line or two of a story or dialogue or a photo or anything that might inspire a story.
  2. What do I do? A writing prompt is meant to get your creative juices flowing with lots of free thinking and no editing. Once the prompt is posted, we suggest you give yourself a very limited amount of time,  say 10-15 mins, to free write based upon the prompt.
  3. Then what? Then post your response to the writing prompt in the comments. Responses are limited to 250 words…and yes, we’ll be counting.
  4. After you’ve posted your response, take a look at what others have written. See how many different ways a few words or a photo can be interpreted. Feel free to comment on their submissions too—in a friendly and encouraging way.
  5. Who can participate? Everyone! (Over 18, that is.) This is not just for the “professionals” out there. We want to see everyone give their writing muscles a workout. It’s fun. Give it a try.
  6. You said there would be prizes? Yes. Every week one random participant will be selected to receive a prize. ***Note*** anyone who would like to donate a book or other prize, please contact me celestejones215@rocketmail.com
  7. Any other rules? Of course!

Here is the list of no-no’s

  • No underage participants
  • No scenes of rape, incest or forced sex
  • No shameless self-promotion. We know it when we see it.
  1. Does it have to include spanking? No! Let your imagination run wild, but only for 250 words.
  2. Can it be silly? Yes, we encourage silliness.
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Now for this week's prompt. Please use this phrase in your submission: “Who's there?”

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46 Responses to “Writing Prompt Wednesday”

  1. Tiffany says:

    “Knock, knock.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Daddy who?”
    “You’re Daddy silly girl.”
    I rolled over in a fit of giggles as his strong hands tickled my slender body. My night gown rose exposing my bare belly to his eyes. Gently, he leaned forward and kissed me there.
    Instantly, I felt that familiar rush of excitement. I arched my back giving Daddy easier access. His hand glided over my hip cupping one ass cheek, squeezing. A soft moan escaped me.
    “Does Daddy’s little girl like that?”
    “Yes, Daddy.”
    “What about this?”
    I felt his fingers exploring, probing the entrance of my pussy making me squirm. My breath coming in shallow gasp as his fingers slid all the way in.
    “Yes, oh yes, Daddy.”
    I felt Daddy’s weight shift. He straddled me on our bed. I looked up at him all muscles and leanness. We worked out every other day. Daddy believed in being fit and his body showed it.
    “Then show your Daddy how much.” He moved closer to my face. His hard cock inches from my mouth.
    I felt like a greedy little school girl drooling over her favorite Popsicle stick at the ice cream parlor.
    Licking my lips I slowly slid them over the head of his cock swirling my tongue as I went further down on him.
    “That’s my girl.”
    My fingers moved lightly over his balls. I moved up and down his shaft the way he liked alternating the suction of my mouth. Our sounds of pleasure filled the bedroom.

  2. Dinah Mcleod says:

    When she heard the knock on the door, she narrowed her eyes to study her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was rolled up in curlers, her mouth full of toothpaste. Maybe they’d just go away?
    No such luck. The knocking continued until, finally, she trudged into the living room–if you could call it that; it was so tiny–and opened the door, toothbrush still clenched between her teeth.
    “Who’s there?” she called, her irritation evident.
    When she threw the door open–the hinges were starting to go, and once the chain was unlatched, the door went flying—Lex arched an eyebrow at her.
    She ignored the look and began brushing her teeth, waiting for him to speak.
    He cleared his throat. “ A job’s come in for you, Mary.”
    “Yeah? How much?”
    “Eight hundred. It’s an older gentleman.”
    With a shrug, she began to turn away. “Not interested.”
    “Not interested?” he echoed, reaching out a hand to stop her. “It’s eight hundred an hour—how many people get that going rate?” She shrugged again, shaking off his hand. “Come on, Mary, that’s a lot of money. Go ahead and get into something nice.”
    She faced Lex again, thinking, as she removed her toothbrush and swallowed the mouthful of paste. She ignored his grimace. She supposed she should pity him, really. He wasn’t used to seeing her in anything other than corsets and fish nets. “I don’t get out of my bathroom for anything less than a thousand.”

  3. They spun around the ballroom as though they had wings, and Lilith was overjoyed at having this chance to seduce Lord Bentley. Robert Bentley was by far the best catch of the season. And last season, and the one before that.

    To Lilith’s surprise, he invited her to take lemonade in the garden with him after their waltz ended. It was dangerous to be seen alone with him, but at nineteen, she was more than ready for any scandal that might be attached. In fact, a scandal might help her cause.

    Lemonade forgotten, she flirted outrageously with him, and he flirted back. They returned to the ballroom and then out, no doubt shocking her mama into apoplexy. Right into Lord Lancaster’s private study they went, where Bentley closed the door.

    “You are an outrageous flirt,” he said with a wolfish smile.

    “As you are, sir,” she countered.

    “Your mama would be shamed, if she knew.”

    “You won’t tell, will you?”

    “I might let it drop to the right people.”

    A moment of panic surged through Lilith. “Please do not.”

    “But you deserve punishment for the transgression.”

    Undoubtedly, her mama would forbid her to attend the next ball. It was unthinkable. “I beg you.”

    “I am not a protector of women, my dear. But for a price…”

    Lilith thought it unmannerly of him, but what choice did she have. “Name the price.”

    There was a knock on the study door. “Who’s there?” Robert called, impatience in his voice.

  4. GL Johnson says:

    “Who’s there?” I asked, though I’d tracked her iPhone.

    “Let me in!” She slipped through the door. My eyes traced over her. I was immediately hard.

    Her fingers clutched her purse before her. “I barely snuck out of my apartment.” She’d worn only the chemise I sent. “I can’t believe I drove over here like this. Did you think this was my size?”

    I had picked it out with care. “When driving I bet most people wouldn’t realize it from the top.” My hand slid across her, fingertip brushing the nipple that poked through the lacework. She shuddered. “They wouldn’t be able to see how short it is.” I circled her, appreciating the curve of her bottom peeking out. I looked into her eyes. “Unless they were right by your window.”

    “There was a man selling newspapers at a light.” I raised an eyebrow. Her eyes darted to her purse.

    “You covered yourself?” She nodded. “You weren’t allowed.”

    “I couldn’t, without you there.”

    “Hands on your head.” The motion exposed her pert bottom, her shaven sex. My finger stroked soft, smooth folds. “How do you feel?”

    “Please. I’m so wet.” She leaned into my finger. I had to resist.

    “We agreed. I will help you explore your fantasy today, but no release until night.” If not, I would have been inside her already.

    She eyed my bulge. “For either of us.”

    “Indeed. Get in my car, it’s time to explore.” It was a going to be a hard, wonderful day.

  5. Linds Binz says:

    “Who’s there?” She answered sweetly, aware of the mischievous grin that adorned her lips.
    Maddie had been waiting anxiously for this very moment for the last 20 minutes. She could just imagine her dripping wet fiancé poised and ready to pounce on her as soon as she opened the door. She peeked through her curtains, but could see no one standing on her front porch. She went to the door and turned the deadbolt, leaving the chain engaged in case Nolan was hiding somewhere. He always thought he was so clever, but she had gotten him good this time. She cracked open her front door and saw a single rose on her welcome mat. Knowing Nolan was definitely up to something she closed the door and reached to reset the deadbolt. Before her hand made contact with the lock, her wrists were seized and wrapped tightly around the front of her body pressing her into the solid rock that she recognized all too well as her sneaky fiancé. She felt his breath on her neck as he whispered menacingly.
    “How many times do I have to tell you to lock your side door when you are home alone, young lady?”
    “Umm, let me think. Are you looking for an exact count or will an estimate suffice?” She answered snottily realizing that her little prank had Nolan exacly where she wanted him.
    She could hear the rumble in his chest as his arms convulsed, giving her a tight squeeze in warning.

  6. “Who’s there?”

    “Maddie, you know it’s me. Open the door. You took my keys.”


    “Did you just tell me no?” His voice was steadily rising.

    “Need me to spell it for you? N-O! I’m not over my mad. You always take your mother’s side. Go sleep at her house tonight.”

    “Maddie, I’m gonna count to three and if you don’t open the door I’m breaking it down.”

    “So? You’ll just have to fix it, Reece.”


    “I’ll call the police.”


    “Better yet, I’ll call your mother and ask her to give your balls back!”

    “Three…” Instantly, a size 15 boot came through the door with such force that the door knob imbedded into the drywall.

    “I guess you’ll need to stop by Home Depot for spackling. No… wait, just borrow your Mom’s makeup, that shit’s got to be industrial strength.”

    He stalked toward her.

    Squealing, Maddie turned and ran for their room. She could barricade herself in and call 911.

    “You’re acting like a five year old. When I catch you, I’m blistering your ass like one.”

    Scampering up the stairs, she screamed as strong fingers wrapped around her ankle and she was pulled across his lap. Skirt up, panties down he laid into her.


    “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said you’ll never be the man your mother is.”

    “You’re apologizing?”

    “Yeah, it isn’t your fault she has a bigger dick than you.”

    His belt zipping from its loops finally caught her attention…


  7. Angel says:

    Has I heard the knock I froze all I could think about was how much trouble I was in. I look around and started to go to answer the door but stopped I can’t be in trouble if I am not home so I go over and sit down on the bed to wait for him to leave as I am thinking I am by tomorrow he will have calm down enough to see it really wasn’t my fault. But then my phone rings and of course it is in the living room aughh could this day really get any worse! What is a girl to do if I answer the door I am in big trouble but if I don’t answer my phone I am in more trouble because we all know the number one rule is go no where with out your phone Hmmm what should do I. I got it I mess up my hair strip off my cloths grab my robe and go answer my phone before I say anything he says open this door little girl I say in my best I just woke up voice huh who is this! His response is Open this door KNOW!!! Don’t you think you are in enough trouble with out adding more by play silly game.One would think you didn’t enjoy sitting at all!!!!!

  8. Patty Devlin says:

    Very intriguing Angel, I don’t think you are an angel at all… something tells me naughty stories come easy to you! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • angel says:

      Thanks Patty but I messed it up I hit send before I got to check there are a lot of mistakes It is the first time I have ever tried to write anything and when the kids started calling I hit send as if I was being bad and had to hide it lol I tried

  9. Patty Devlin says:

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my piece today… I loved the prompt so much because it flows into notes I have for a new story.
    Funny thing is I started writing and came up with the first 3k. Crazy how that works, now I don’t how to break it down and share it with you guys!

    What to do? I suppose you guys will just have to wait for it to be published. Ha ha. I can’t narrow it down to a 250 word section for you- and I don’t want to get spanked by Celeste for sharing too much…

  10. Minelle says:

    The door closed firmly. Ahh… privacy at last. I glanced over my shoulder. He could read the tension apparent in my attitude.
    “I know what you need.” He walked purposefully closer, almost cheerfully. “Yes, you need spanked.”
    My heart skipped a beat,”I don’t think so! There is too much for us to do!”
    “Over!” He gently guided me across the bed side, pressing his fingers low on my back. I do not want this…do I, I thought?
    I complied stiffly, laying where he wanted me. His hand was softly touching my skin under my shirt. In an instant my pants and panties were swiftly pulled down to my ankles.
    His hand was hard. Matter-of-fact swats swept from side to side. “Oh, ouch. Not so hard, I whined. Harder!” No…Yes…
    The pace quickened and the pattern became hard to discern.
    A loud sigh escaped my lips…Then…
    I felt him lean into me as his arms encompassed my body in heavy warmth.
    Ummmmmmmm, his movements changed. I knew he had a different need. Clothes hit the floor as desire overwhelmed us both.
    Knock! Knock! “It’s dear old mum!”
    The door knob turned. Our clothes twisted about our feet as we scrambled to act as if two 50 year olds were not up to an afternoon tryst!

    I am totally not in the same category here ladies! Just having fun! Ignore poor grammar and bad punctuation!

  11. Nadine the Poet says:

    They lay like fine jewels flickering in the light of a gibbous moon.
    Silhouettes reel against the firelight, turning the canvas to shades of passion, darker hues that burn flameless.
    Sighs colour the night like luscious oils gliding over the skin.
    He draws near a tent of scarlet, the red of the canvas shadowed by a single figure that sways.
    * * *
    The firelight keeps her shadow dancing one or two beats behind her. She doesn’t react to the swish of the door flap or the sound of his footsteps.
    She is lost in the melody of her hips, the harmony of her breasts, the tempo of her feet, the accents of her fingers. Entranced in her ecstasy, she lingers in her final pose, kneeling before the fire.
    * * *
    Her hands trace spirals down her body, resting on her dripping womanhood. He slowly reclines where the flickering light cannot reach. She seizes the chain hanging from her collar and works herself upon it, moaning as the links torment her aching pussy.
    The gold on her hips and breasts shimmers as she writhes in her pleasure, whimpering, fingers finishing the intimate dance she started. She stares into the flames, imagining the gaze of a man lordly in his bearing, imagining his cock teasing her moist petals, imagining it rending her lust-gilded lily to delicious oblivion.
    As she nears her climax he steps forward into the firelight.
    A sharp inhale echoes the hiss of flames grown hot.
    “Who’s there?”

  12. Jaye Peaches says:

    Her knuckles rapped on the door. She heard the approaching footfalls.
    “Who’s there?” he asked.
    She crouched down and lifted the flap of the letterbox. “It’s me,” she hissed. “I forgot my key.” She did not add the ‘again’. Peering through the opening, she could see his legs. Standing back from the door, he stood astride in his faded jeans. She imaged the folded arms across his chest.
    His voice came clearly through the door. “Do you remember what I said you had to do, if you forgot again?”
    She rose up quickly. “Seriously?”
    Glancing over her shoulder, a solitary car drove by, the headlights dancing on the street.
    “Please let me in,” she said to the door.
    “I’m waiting. Haven’t got all night.” He could be stubborn.
    There was nothing for it. The quicker the better.
    Fumbling with the buttons of her shirt, she began to undress. The pants were peeled down and collected in her arms, along with the shirt.
    “All of it!”
    She was convinced he had x-ray vision.
    Her fingers shook as she undid the bra clasp. The panties slipped down, forcing her to bend slightly to gather them up.
    The letterbox squeaked open. With eyes shut, she hovered. Her nipples had gone stiff in the cool breeze and her thighs were crushed together.
    She heard him chuckle. She knew exactly where the opening was – halfway down the door.
    After an eternity of waiting, the door bolt drew back.

  13. Congratulations to Minelle! I used Random.org to select a winner and it was Minelle! She’ll get a $5 Amazon gift card from Renee Rose. Thanks, Renee!

  14. Tiffany says:

    Sorry so late but congrats Minelle

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