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Celeste Jones is hostessing a new event on Spanking Romance Reviews!  Every Wednesday she will offer a writing prompt.  Join us for the chance to win fun prizes!

Here’s the scoop:

  1. What is a writing prompt? A writing prompt is a line or two of a story or dialogue or a photo or anything that might inspire a story.
  2. What do I do? A writing prompt is meant to get your creative juices flowing with lots of free thinking and no editing. Once the prompt is posted, we suggest you give yourself a very limited amount of time, say 10-15 mins, to free write based upon the prompt.
  3. Then what? Then post your response to the writing prompt in the comments. Responses are limited to 250 words…and yes, we’ll be counting.
  4. After you’ve posted your response, take a look at what others have written. See how many different ways a few words or a photo can be interpreted. Feel free to comment on their submissions too—in a friendly and encouraging way.
  5. Who can participate? Everyone! (Over 18, that is.) This is not just for the “professionals” out there. We want to see everyone give their writing muscles a workout. It’s fun. Give it a try.
  6. You said there would be prizes? Yes. Every week one random participant will be selected to receive a prize. ***Note*** anyone who would like to donate a book or other prize, please contact me celestejones215@rocketmail.com
  7. Any other rules? Of course!

Here is the list of no-no’s

  • No underage participants
  • No scenes of rape, incest or forced sex
  • No shameless self-promotion. We know it when we see it.
  1. Does it have to include spanking? No! Let your imagination run wild, but only for 250 words.
  2. Can it be silly? Yes, we encourage silliness.


Today’s Writing Prompt:


Use these words in your writing:  “close the door”

Post in the comments below or on your blog with a link in the comments for a chance to win a $5 Gift Card to Amazon (thank you, Celeste!!)




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27 Responses to “Writing Wednesday – respond to the prompt for chance to win $5 Amazon GC”

  1. Cara Bristol says:

    Close the door. Interesting. I used a similar phrase in my Milestone’s story, only it was “Lock the door.”

  2. “Lock it as well. We have a few things to discuss in private, Miss Taylor.”

    Entering the CEO’s office always made her nervous, but the low commanding tone in his voice caused a little flutter to begin in her stomach. Ignoring the slight trembling of her hand, she turned the lock and taking a steadying breath turned to face her boss. He was leaning against his desk with his perfect butt perched on the edge. In shirtsleeves, his muscles tested the limits of the taut fabric as he stood with sinewy arms crossed, frowning down at her. Although pissed, he was still freakin’ gorgeous. An involuntary tightening of her nipples beneath her lace bra set off a wave of moisture in her core.

    “What did I tell you would happen if you made this mistake again?” His eyes flashed briefly to her chest and hard nipples. Was that amusement, maybe, or arousal? It was gone as quickly as it appeared and she couldn’t be sure.

    “Uh…” her dry mouth simply couldn’t form the words.

    “We both know what’s going to happen, don’t we?”
    Nodding slightly, she felt heat flood her face. Damn her fair skin, always giving away her embarrassment. .

    “Say it. What’s going to happen, Maddie?”

    “A spanking, Sir.”

    “Smart girl.”

    Naughty girl, she silently corrected, biting her cheek to keep the smile from bursting across her lips. It wouldn’t do for him to find out, after all. Expecting exactly this result, she’d done it all on purpose.


    There’s my thought for the day and an inspiration for another novel. From three words comes exactly 250. Thanks Constance, this was fun!

  3. Justin had to close the door. The party was getting raucous. Betty knew she was in trouble.
    Justin was having none of her apologies.

    “I didn’t mean to say that to your sister. It just came out.”

    “Doesn’t matter. Put your hands on the bed and pull your skirt up and panties down.”

    Betty wanted to hesitate, she wanted to be disobedient but she did as he ordered.

    Justin took a position behind her and, with no warm up, no notice, he slapped his hand down on her naked behind hard. Six more times his hand came down. The pain and the humiliation were impossible to ignore.

    Justin spanked and lectured. “My sister doesn’t need your fashion comments, Betty. She’s fond of that dress, and it was snide of you to point out that its ten years out of date.” More spanks. Betty felt her bottom getting very hot, and now she was crying out with every blow.

    “You will apologize to her as soon as we return to the party.” Smack! Smack!

    Betty sobbed. “Yes! Yes, sir!” The spanking stopped after one really hard whack where her bottom and thighs made a cross.

    Justin sat down on the bed next to her and opened his arms. “It’s okay. I love you for the way you are, even if it’s inconvenient sometimes.”

    “Thank you.”

    He hugged her tight. Betty was chastened but the night was still young.

  4. LOL – Touche my friend!

  5. Great job, Maddie and Patricia!

  6. Julia says:

    “Close the door.”
    Anny had knocked on her new husband’s office door quietly, hoping against all hope he was busy, or at least just wouldn’t hear her knock. Of course that hadn’t worked.
    She entered his dark office. The only light in the room was on his desk casting a glow over his papers. She could see him sitting behind the desk, his big forearms lying on the desk under the light, but she couldn’t see his face. She lowered her head and stepped closer to his desk, as she knew he preferred when he called her into his office. Just like he had done many other nights since they were married a month ago.
    “You know why I have asked you to join me again tonight,” it wasn’t a question; it was more of a statement. Instead of nodding her head, which she would prefer in her current situation, she knew she would get in more trouble if she didn’t speak up.
    “Yes, Sir. I do.” But knowing why didn’t make it any easier. Over the last month, she had been in this office too many times not to be anxious to be here. She took a step closer to his desk, and stood right in front of him. When she lifted her head, she was looking right into his glittering eyes.
    “Let’s see if I can make you understand the importance of this rule tonight”, as he reached into his desk drawer to pull out a leather paddle.

  7. Casey McKay says:

    “Close the door.” His voice was commanding and stern, it made Lily’s stomach flip. She reached for the car door and slammed it shut.
    He began driving, his speed picking up the further they got from the police station. Lily twisted her hands in her lap. She loved the strong, silent type, but Mark took it to another level. She mustered up her courage to speak first.
    “Thanks for coming to get me,” she said. She winced when she heard how helpless she sounded. She always ended up having to call Mark to rescue her.
    “Don’t thank me yet.” His voice held a warning she knew all too well. She and Mark had neighboring apartments. Lily carried a secret torch for him, maybe not so secret. She wanted him. Surely everyone knew, but him. “How do you get yourself in these situations?”
    Lily didn’t know how to answer, the bar had seemed nice. She didn’t know they were making meth in the basement until the cops busted in the door. She hadn’t been arrested, just detained for questioning. She was about to bring up this point but it seemed Mark wasn’t finished.
    “What did I tell you last time?” he asked. Oh, the threat! She could barely contain her excitement. Lily tried to keep the smile from her face. “I think it’s time you got that spanking.”
    Her secret fantasy, maybe not so secret? Thank God for meth heads.

  8. Cara Bristol says:

    What the hell. I decided to participate (cheat), since I did write something that was so close. Here goes. Here’s a ROUGH draft snippet from my MILESTONES story, “Rahm’s Way.” I changed “Lock the door” to “Close the door.”

    Rahm peered up from his desk. “Close the door.”
    Her heart and stomach fluttered in the way they always did when she had to confront a very pissed off Rahm. And he was. Very pissed off. She could tell from the tilt of his head, the set of his jaw, the clench of his hand, resting on the desk.

    After she turned the deadbolt, he stood and rounded the desk. “Is there something you want to say to me?” he asked.

    “I planned to tell you!” she said. Her knees knocked together, but she strove for a good show by stomping to the guest chair and plopping her butt into it. Then wished she hadn’t because now he towered over her, and the small metal plug he’d inserted in her ass before they’d left for work didn’t feel all that tiny. She shifted onto one hip.

    He leaned against his desk, crossed his arms and one ankle over the other. “Tell me what?”

    He knew. And she knew he knew, so why did a verbal confession seem to carry so much more weight? Why couldn’t they take their knowledge and fly away like pigs?

    Because that wasn’t Rahm’s way. He demanded full a full accounting. Rahm’s way or the highway. Rahm’s way or her ass.

    No, Rahm’s Way and her ass. He would spank her over this. And it wouldn’t be a pretty-please-spank-me-again-it-hurts-so-good kind of paddling.

  9. Emma wasn’t a nervous person; God knows her bold temperament flew to her family’s wits’ end until they stuck her in a place like Ruhende Blume. So, when Emma glanced down and saw her knees just shaking like she was a lamb taking its first steps, she was surprised.

    “Miss Rose.” Master Vonn’s voice was low, threatening, and lacking all humor on a normal day, but today his voice had an even firmer edge to it. His visage suddenly appeared in his office’s doorframe. “Did you have a pleasant rest after your little romp last night?”

    “Rest?” she echoed, trying to breathe evenly. She simply would not give this man the pleasure of knowing he intimidated her. “I knew I forgot to do something last night…”

    Rather than smile at her joke, which she hoped would even lighten his thick, dour mood, he asked flatly, “Do you think you’re funny?”

    She shook her head. Nobody had ever really laughed at her jokes.

    “I, myself, am undecided,” he droned. She cocked her head to the side, confused, and watched his handsome body turn back into the room. “Follow me and close the door behind you.”

    She frowned, her heart in her throat, but did follow him in. Somehow being in a room with Vonn alone made her break out with goosepimples. “Why close the—?” she asked, and then froze still when she saw that Vonn was standing in front of his desk, a cane in his hand.

    She gulped. “…door?”

  10. It hadn’t been a smart idea. Ok, it’d been a really dumb idea but a last ditch attempt at passing her final history exam. She didn’t mean to leave it until the last minute to study. How would she know that that last minute drive would end up with Zoe and her running out of gas? She would have had time to study if she’d managed ti get home when she planned.

    She raised her short skirt and tried to rub off the answers she had scrawled high up on her thigh, hoping they would match the questions. She hadn’t even had the chance to find out.

    As she’d slowly crept the skirt up, someone behind her cleared their throat.
    “You will leave the room immediately Miss Mayhem.”
    She scrambled to her feet.
    “Wait outside my office.” he said sternly.
    Her face flamed as she left the room. Everyone had stopped what they were doing to stare at her.

    The deep rumble from within made her tummy curl. She had never been in this position before. Would she be suspended? Expelled? She entered quietly and stood with her hands clasped in front of her.
    He walked around the front of the desk and lifted her skirt high enough to see the half smudged answers.
    “You were intending to cheat?” His eyes bored through her.
    “Yes Sir.”
    He walked over to where different size canes were hanging on the wall. “Shut the door.” He barked.

  11. Lea-Ellen {night owl in IL} says:

    Mark’s eyes narrowed as he eyed Susan’s curvy body sashay through his office door wearing wicked, red high heels and a buttoned up calf-length red trench coat.

    Susan took a seat and her gaze coyly went from reading his name followed by the words PI, to his black hair, ruggedly attractive rough-hewn features to his large hands.

    “To what do I owe the honor of your presence, my dear?” Mark asked. “And what are you wearing under that coat?” he all but growled.

    “Why don’t you close the door and find out?” she replied. “And lock it.”

  12. Thank you Lea-Ellen! These are all such intriguing starts, I keep wanting to know what happens next. Who doesn’t love a pair of wicked red high heels?

  13. Rollin Hand says:

    This was going to be rich. Finally miss goody two shoes herself was going to get it. That Derek had had enough was obvious from the frown on his face as he grasped a surprised Anita by the elbow and tugged her into his bedroom. Beth and Lori giggled. It was about time. They had run afoul of Derek’s house rules before and both had paid the price. That little paddle could set a girl’s bottom on fire, as both could attest. Now the haughty Anita was in for it as a result of their clever ruse. The surprise on her face when Derek found the empty scotch bottle in her dresser drawer was worth a million bucks.
    “That’s not mine!” she had protested when confronted by Derek.
    “I know,” he had growled. “It was mine.”
    So now Beth and Lori gleefully followed behind as Derek pulled Anita along, her fate determined. He pushed open the door to his room and relaxed his hold on Anita to fetch the paddle from its peg on the closet door. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Anita trying to escape.
    “Close the door,” he yelled at Lori and Beth.
    They slammed the door in Anita’s face. They heard a struggle. Then, cautiously, they opened the door and peeked in. There was Anita, over Derek’s lap, skirt up, panties down.
    “For God’s sake, close the door!” she wailed.
    They wouldn’t close the door now for a million bucks.

  14. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural version of Writing Prompt Wednesday! This was even more fun than I expected.

    Cara Bristol was the winner selected by Random.org. She’ll get a $5 Amazon gift card from Me!

    Be sure to come back next week for more writing prompt fun and a chance to win any one of Patty Devlin’s books.

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